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If the US govt organised 9/11 in order to justify a war in Afghanistran...

Why didn't they just hide some weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify that war there?

Cos they managed to persuade the general public they had WMD's anyway?

Better to fool them and have no WMD's or trace of you planting them isn't it?
This'll go well ... :rolleyes:

At 10000% profit, I'm in there ...

Really?? Who is really questioning it?

Doesn't look like many people to me, looks like they got away with it.

Precisely. Of course they have. My point being why would they have gone to the trouble of organising 9/11 and the deaths of all those civillians when they can just 'get away with it'...

It's one for the theorists to mull over.
Why's this in UK politics anyway?

Anyway it's been discussed to death already, so I'll shuffle it off to the Kooky Konspiracy forum presently.
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