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CARR implodes...Matthew Feldman Resigns

Larry O'Hara

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Has anybody else been watching these events? We have long had our eye on Matthew Feldman, until yesterday head honcho at CARR ('Centre For Analysis of the Radical Right'). Looks like his balancing act, gulling a load of left/liberal academics to give CARR respectability while him simultaneously acting as a CPS go-to lap-dog in far right trials has come unstuck. Hilarious.
My colleague Heidi has had a few initial words to say: see here. Watch this space: and do not approach Feldman if you dislike macho confrontation, instead direct him to an Anger Management Course :D :D
PS Just to add, references to Feldman on the CARR web-site have been removed with a surgical precision not seen since Stalin erased Trotsky from the photograph where he was next to Lenin. Miaowww! as Agent Z would say....
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