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Brighton chat and photos: clubs, bars, recommendations and more


Here's some archive photos of the lovely old pier. I wish the fuckers that burnt it down would get caught.



That bookshop was great, an almost unfathomable mass of books, and yet the owner knew exactly what was in stock and where it was.

Although my enthusiasm for it waned after a mate who had been a Brightonian for far longer than me (I only lasted 13 years in the seductive torpor of the place) alleged that the owner used to run a fascist press above the bookshop.
Its been closed for a while, IIRC - he used to stand in there with a long coat on and a ciggie, looked like he enjoyed the sauce from the colour of his face.
I loved that bookshop, he was a right dodgy looking geezer though. I preferred Daves books in the North Laine but I suspect that has gone now too. This has reminded me how much I miss Brighton.
That bookshop was great, an almost unfathomable mass of books, and yet the owner knew exactly what was in stock and where it was.

Brilliant place, wasn't it, and the bloke really did know his stock. I had a real find in there once; a very obscure volume of conference proceedings I'd been looking for for ages. When I took it to the till he remarked on how interesting he'd found it, which surprised me since I really didn't think he'd have read it. It was in pretty shabby condition but even so I thought I was getting a bargain when he charged me £3 for it. Later I found out that good copies go for three figures!

Then I noticed it had my then head of department's signature - she'd been at the conference which produced it - in the front of it. I mentioned it to her at work a couple of days later. 'Oh,' she said, looking rather wistful. 'That must have been from my mother's collection, disposed of when she died a couple of years ago. I did wonder what had happened to it...'
have to go there in a few weeks and know fuck all about the place.

where to avoid and where is nice?

will be for work so no sightseeing opportunities I am afraid.
There's a good fish and chip place (sit in or take-away) on the main road just past the montpelier street junction - Bankers fish restaurant on western road.
between the wars there was a small brewery behind the famous pavilion but it closed in 1939 when its owner, manager, foreman and indeed carter were all interned as enemy aliens.
Interesting - any links, google's not being very helpful?
Think New Brighton but without the sandstone. Now transfer to the south coast, get rid of the sand, set aside a nudist beach, and add more 'alternative and creative' people.
at the end of brighton pier used to be a public house 'the brighton peer' which was frequented by the prince regent and his coterie in incognito
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