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recommend me a pizza delivery


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i'm going to need a pre-party dinner this friday. i will be setting up at arch 269 coldharbour lane until 10-11ish, the food in the immediate locality leaves alot to be desired especially for a veggie. could any seasoned brixtonites recommend me a decent delivery? it would be very much appreciated :)
Where is the Firezza in Herne Hill?
The closest one I know is over in Wandsworth road.
Guess that's why their pizzas don't travel to well over to Brixton.
Fireazza is ok, but pricey and a bit poncey imo

'the ring' on Brixton Hill are always reliable and do the best jalepeno poppers
You fuckers - I was lamenting Firezza's persistent refusal to deliver to my area only the other day.



Yeah right, I love those things, but I'm sure they just take them out and throw them in the deep fat fryer like everyone else.

yeh i think they do to, but have u tried the ones from saif's/chigago pizza...they are about half the size and nowhere near as good

the ring know how to do food
You fuckers - I was lamenting Firezza's persistent refusal to deliver to my area only the other day.




If it's any compensation, I've only had two deliveries from there and they've both been shit. The first was overcooked, the second delivered pretty much stone cold.

First one we complained, the second time and we just couldn't be arsed. From now on it's either a trip to Pizza Metro or a cheaper deal from elsewhere. The ingredients seemed nice enough, but you expect more quality control when you're paying that much.
They were alright from the Wandsworth branch at work to be fair.

Not bad, but I'd still recommend Franco's or Metro over them every time. Shame neither of those deliver.
Firezza never really impressed. I tend to go to Tops - there's a few around, my nearest is Streatham. Pretty bog standard but just seem a little better prepared and better ingredients.
I'm shocked that the formidably named Pizza Ring is so well regarded. Cheapness was always its main virtue when I lived pretty much opposite. Currently it seems to be engaged in a who's got the cheapest fried chicken dogfight with multiple competitors over the road.

Not bad iirc, but nothing to write home about - good value stodge. Clearly I need to eat more jalapeno poppers from there!
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