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Otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch

Tangential connection alert - "Starter for 10" is on tonight with him and the man who plays Mycroft. Mr Cumberbatch looks far more otterlike in that, as his hair is all plastered sleekly to his head.
And he gets a black eye. Never seen an otter with a black eye, mind you.

Is it bad that I am trying to decide which otters are from where?? Pretty sure 2 of them are asian otters. No idea who the bloke is :)
That is clearly one otter who looks like Benedict Cumberbatch, photographed from different angles.

You obviously don't look at otters often enough. They are different types of otter! I think one is a North American river, 2 are asian and one is either a sea otter or a british one :)
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