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This was a nice surprise




An unexpected steam locomotive and the Rome Express at Roma Ostiense railway station, April 2019
Saw this last week. Excuse the slightly crap photo editing but it looked too dark in the flat light that day. Would look infinity better with a kettle :D


I might go along to this

The study documents the design evolution of footbridges at British railway stations through a sample of 100 footbridges across the length and breadth of England, Wales and Scotland.

The exhibition considers not just the architectural typologies of footbridges over the years, but also the differing functionalities that they have – how people use them, and how they can interact with the world beyond the railways. The photographs are categorised by six themes which describe the modern usages of footbridges in differing environments.
An exhibition of railway footbridges at Waterloo Station

The exhibition is now on display at Waterloo Station until 28th April.
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Liverpool Street Station circa 1910

What a cracking shot - so much detail to enjoy. The "west side suburban" - soon to be the area where the "Jazz" service of up to 24 tph was to be introduced with 60 ton steam engines , wooden coaches (gas lit) and 100% mechanical signalling , -worked to perfection for many years by very hard working and competent staff of all grades.

Poor old Great Eastern Railway had no capital to spare for electrifiction , so did the best they could with what they had (there was not a lot of revenue in it) , so they maximised their operational capability. Whereas in South London , both overhead and 3d rail was soon to be tried out , with incredible results for the communities served.
What an absolute beauty

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April 4, 1936 - Great Western Railway diesel railcar at Chepstow Station.

I’ll point at examples like this with graceful lines when arguing that nearly all modern trains look shit. Car designers often put in a bit of classic/retro flourish, don’t see why trains can’t add a bit of style too.
Terrible shit news about the GCR. This has a place in our hearts; due to it's location and length, for her birthday one year, I bought Mrs Tag
a train driving experience on this line. Everyone was brilliant. Will watch out for news of appeals and may drop them a few quid :thumbs:
That doesn't the damage repaired. I wonder if they were insured for vandalism even?

I would hope so. Never done the line but I've heard they're always up against it there with vandalism and theft. This is a new low, though.
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