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I'm on ur boardz, wasting ur 2024 election bandwidthz

For those planning an all-nighter, (not me; like spitfire the beer will have knocked me out long before most declarations), you've only got about 6 hours of darkness on the night of July 4th/5th.

Civil twilight lifts at just after 4 in the morning, so you should all be able to enjoy that "a new day has dawned, has it not" moment!

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Someone has already mentioned this either ITT or in the original bandwidth thread in General, and they make a very good point. How on earth did his hair (and his face for that matter) remain dry given the state of his suit? :confused:

I did not watch his live appearance to announce the election, but either he emerged outside completely dry and the rain was magically repelled from his head, or he came out of No 10’s door already in that state, which raises its own set of questions. Where are the batshit conspiracy theorists when you need them? :mad:
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