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Horse Meat found in Tesco Beefburgers

The FSAI said the meat came from two processing plants in Ireland, Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods, and the Dalepak Hambleton plant in Yorkshire.
It said they posed no health risk.
For inspectors to be able to find horse meat in burgers, when they probably only tested a sample, suggests that it is probably rife. I will stick to my Aberdeen Angus I think.
it allowed a percentage of horse meat in loads of meat products ffs

anyone like salami

Is it legal to use horse meat in british burgers?
I know we don't eat them (obviously), but you'd be surprised how much horse leather is used in footwear. Those flexible soft leather loafers from Spain that you see advertised in the back of the Sunday Supplements - they're horse leather.
I rather like horse meat. It tastes good, and, I am told, is relatively healthy.
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