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Endorse it 2010

I wonder if it'll clash with Recydrate the West or Boomtown fair or whatever they're calling it now.

Hoping not .... :hmm:

Endorse it would still win for us, but we're keen on Boomtown too if only they have the sense to change the date ....
Can we have the outside stage back please? Was really crap having to go under canvas in the sun :(

I'm aware that a few people didn't like not having the main stage outdoors, but the majority of the feedback was very positive. This coupled with NO noise complaints, far more movement between the various things going on, preparation for the weather ( Thursday quote from one of the farmers doing the towing " I have never seen rain like it") all contributed to a better vibe on site and a more fun feel - so it will all be staying under canvas.
HOWEVER, we are getting a bigger tent for the main stage and using the main one this year as the second tent.
Despite this festival having hardly any bands I'd heard of, never mind liked, even genre wise and only going with one mate I really knew well, this was easily my most favourite festival of the year.

The atmos, the people, the weather, the organisation, all :cool:

Am blates back next year. Obvs.

Please can I run a teeny, tiny hip hop tent/alcove though? :D
Thanks for the giant sunshade, too - we delicate northern flowers appreciated it!

In the diary for next year :)
Endorse it tickets go onsale on 1st Nov 09. Price is being kept low at £70/adult. In order to improve our green creds, we are charging £5 per car - donations from this will go to green charities and also hopefully encourage lift sharing/public transport usage.
and finally on this short note -
First band confirmed is.......
lovely job.
I was hoping to go last year, but didn't get round to it. I might make this my only UK-based festie next year. I'm desperate to go to Lowlands too though.
The Damned!The Damned!The Damned!The Damned!The Damned!The Damned!The Damned! !!!!11! :cool::D

I want to go. Might make this my annual trip south now cos I'm not doing Glasto.

>looks on bright side<:D
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