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Crowdfunding For inflatable Trump Baby for UK visit smashes target



I like this.

The likelihood of Trump Baby gracelessly bobbing above the London skyline, during the US President's visit to the UK on 13 July has come closer to reality, now that a crowdfunding campaign has smashed its £5,000 target.

"Make our six meter high orange, inflatable baby with a malevolent face and tiny hands fly over central London during Trump's UK visit," ran the campaign. Trump protesters have put their money where their mouths are, stumping up over £9,000 at the time of writing.


Although the nappy-wearing dirigible has already been made, the campaign needed £700 worth of helium to keep it afloat, plus more cash for barge hire, should it be unable to secure a central London launch site.

The money, say those behind the campaign, will also fund 1,000 mini Trump Baby balloons, to be handed out on the day.

Crowdfunding For Inflatable Trump Baby Smashes Target
Yeah, to have any height where people can see it would require some sort of temporary planning permission or events permission or something. Either it won't be seen or will get torn down moments after it gets flown.
A mile or so down stream from the Battersea Heliport?

Well, good luck to them if they can pull it off.
From the website:
New stretch target
More money means we can do two exciting things:

1) Throughout Trump Baby's maiden flight in central London, we will give out up to 1000 helium balloons featuring Trump Baby to passersby

2) Enable us to hire a barge to guarantee that Trump Baby will fly, even if the authorities refuse to let us fly him from Parliament Square Gardens, and we are unable to find another free site in a suitably central location
I do like the idea of the balloons to hand out. Having loads of people wandering around London (going about their daily business) carrying these balloons strikes me as a far better (and amusing) protest than impotently shouting at a speeding cavalcade from behind barriers 150 metres away from the road.
Littering plastic across the countryside and entangling wildlife is no longer seen as a decent thing to do. Perhaps they’ll rethink the mass helium balloon giveaway.

Still very much in fashion, sorry to say.
A local garage flies a blimp, they were told by the council they needed permission, but they unearthed the fact that they didn't, and even extracted an apology from the council for wasting their time. :D

I am seeing one of the partners tomorrow, if I remember, I'll ask what exactly the rules are, and report back.
I forgot to ask the garage partner about the blimp regulations. :facepalm:

TBF, we were too busy talking about them winning a national 'Best Garage 2018' award, and the £15k of useful stuff that made-up the prize, fucking well done to them, and at least I have it confirmed my vans are well looked after. :thumbs:
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Seems a shame not to have it as a semi-permanent fixture. Will probably generate better press if it was like a year-long thing, which could then do a tour of other cities like that giant rubber duck.

Most of the media attention will be elsewhere when the orange twat comes to town.
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I appreciate the sentiment, but it actually seems like a tremendous waste of time and money.

Univrsal Credit is going to decimate millions of the poor/low waged, where is the mass march for that, resources like the above. It could be May's Poll tax, but will they join the above in fighting it, but atm, its anti-TRUMP! and more TRUMP! The last time the liberal left/middle class(like those involved in this) made common cause with the working class/poor was the Poll Tax, I know well off people who were prepared to lose their homes in solidarity, compare that with the lack of support with the Bedroom Tax,
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