*Your favourite record and what it means to you!

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by editor, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. Flipp

    Flipp Magical Sounds

    Maya - Banco De Gaia
    Memories abound whenever its played. When I got together with the missus [95] we ended up with a vinyl [hers] and a CD [mine] version...still got both...

    Floyds - DSOTM would be there but I can't listen to it anymore...but when I do I fall in love with it all over again...
  2. Ming

    Ming Massive prawns

    Sparky's Dinner by The Surfing Brides. Not a bad track on the whole thing. I used to see them live every Sunday at The Station Tavern by Latimer Road tube station. Never played a bad gig (i roadied for them for a bit) and they were much better live than recorded. One of the great lost bands. Martin Clunes was a huge fan (and Bill Nighy) and he put them in his first film Staggered.

    This one's a Brides track (Sean is the vocalist/main songwriter)

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  3. Ming

    Ming Massive prawns

    Bit more (there's only these 2 tracks on Youtube!)
  4. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Mogwai - My Father My King

    It is to me just orgasmic perfection
  5. TheGreatSage200

    TheGreatSage200 Active Member

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  6. Ming

    Ming Massive prawns

    Wow another Brides fan! As you say happy days!
  7. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank Self-cleaning oven, the whole bit.

    Another entry. Just a masterclass in songwriting this one, not a word wasted.

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  8. Favelado

    Favelado Half to the Tower, please.

    I would like to have a crack at a decent post for this thread. The problem is I'd like to do a compilation. The band in question released singles and albums separately and then brought out a record that put all the singles together in the same place.

    Am I allowed?
  9. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    Why wouldn't you be allowed?
  10. Favelado

    Favelado Half to the Tower, please.

    Well - it might just be a bit crap to choose a compilation as your favourite. Maybe it needs to be a single, coherent piece of work to really qualify.
  11. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    It's entirely up to you!
    If it's your favourite record, it's your favourite record
  12. Part 2

    Part 2 bizarre wanking accident

    I've only been to one classical concert and it was to see this at Manchester Bridgewater Hall. I was in awe of the building and spent too much time people watching so never took much notice of the music tbh. I've just downloaded it to have a listen though, I remember my mate saying what a great piece of music it is.
  13. winterinmoscow

    winterinmoscow Returning Poster

    I hope you like it. I love it - it makes me feel less alone!
  14. Dr. Furface

    Dr. Furface One small step for man

    I love their final album Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea. Sadly it was the first of theirs I'd ever heard, and then Berman promptly called it a day. I was gutted. I really hope he'll get them back together some day. Definitely one of my top 10 albums the 21st century.
  15. Ras Malai Bait

    Ras Malai Bait Active Member

    Culture - Harder Than The Rest

    it means behave decently and respectfully, but dont let people push you around....
  16. RedDragon

    RedDragon "I am not one of your fans!"

    When I first discovered jumping on the bed felt really great.

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  17. RubyBlue

    RubyBlue faded and jaded

    One of them - not the only - True Faith - New Order - reason why? Just listen :) I have the remix which is 10 minutes - love it
  18. MrSki

    MrSki Who am I to say you're wrong

    Brings a tear to my eyes ever time.

  19. Ras Malai Bait

    Ras Malai Bait Active Member

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  20. phildwyer

    phildwyer Gorau arf arf dysg

  21. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    Could be this. The first 12" I ever bought, I still have it. I was a fucking cool little 13 year old ready to take on the world and do my own thing :D

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  22. illuminatus

    illuminatus New Member

    Difficult to pick one : Florence and the Machines , "Ceremonials" ; Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"... Raw emotion at its best
  23. Casual Observer

    Casual Observer binoculars

    I bought that when it came out and other stuff around that time like the Damned, Clash, Sex Pistols and what not. I was about 10 years old at the time and ruined all the singles by inexplicably felt tipping my name and primary school class on the sleeves.
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  24. 8Sam0

    8Sam0 New Member

    Refused's The Shape of Punk to Come had a huge effect on me as a teenager. It's so experimental, but at the same time still a hardcore album. It's intensity at times is astonishing. Lyrically it's such a great statement of intent for a band that burned itself out soon afterwards. Even the band's aestheic at the time was so well crafted. Stylish and dangerous. It was all so pointed and vicious, in the best possible way.

    I got into older punk bands later, the Clash and Stiff Little Fingers in particular, but Refused were the first band to really grab me that way.
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  25. Pants Man

    Pants Man Member

    'I Am the Walrus', growing up listening to the Beatles thanks to my parents
  26. plurker

    plurker tú no tienes la culpa mi amor que el mundo sea feo

    This is a hard choice, but I have to award it to Manu Chao's first solo album Clandestino

    I was living in San Antonio in 1999, working as a promoter for one of the UK house music superclubs. I spent my days/early evenings working flyering teams, and seeing the pissed-up kids on the 'West End strip' drinking their fishbowls of shit vodka, throwing up into KFC buckets etc.

    I spent pretty much every night doing the 'sunset thing' at Cafe Mambo, then moving onto a VIP party in a club/villa of some description - constant schmoozing and boozing etc,.

    All great BUT after a month or so I needed respite.

    I popped into a little locals bar one evening, which I'd walked past daily on my walk to work. It was called Es Canto, on Carrer Santa Rosalia (googlemaps says it's still there but looks way bigger now!). I ordered a carajillo, and a plate of food. The barman was cool, and I speak a little Spanish so we got chatting about music - they were playing some Congos, and so we chatted about reggae initially and then and he was telling me about this amazing album by Manu Chao.

    He put it on and instantly I was transported away from the lager-booze-trance-booze-footie-booze-chips hell that is San Antonio, and into another world. The stripped-back acoustic sounds worked perfectly, the mix of reggae/latin beats and singing in a mix of English/Spanish/French/Maghreb just did it for me - exactly what I needed to escape the Ibiza madness.

    I sat in the bar and listened to the album twice through that night, then asked the barman to burn it for me which he did, and it became the soundtrack to my summer. I listen to Clandestino (or his other albums going back thru Mano Negra) at least once a fortnight to this day.

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  27. Chick Webb

    Chick Webb Countryfile and a can

    The type of people who come around here don't have ONE favourite album, surely?

    Some current favourites of mine are:
    Judas Priest - Painkiller
    Satyricon - Now Diabolical
    Bathory - Hammerheart
    Deicide - Once Upon the Cross

    I'd be too shy to tell ye lot what they mean to me in detail because ye'd laugh. But it's mainly the usual heavy metal thing of a great feeling of being uplifted. I will admit though that Hammerheart is giving me a lot of thoughts at the moment that I've been robbed of my birthright of paganism generations before I was born by interlopers. Which is weird for an atheist.
  28. middleWave

    middleWave New Member

    i completely agree - hard to choose just one. but here's a list with the most probable favorite at the top...

    • vegetation=fuel (freeworm) - an unsung classic from montreal, an ode to god. electronic. acoustic. soul. do yourself a favor and listen here NOW.
    • pet sounds - actually took a while to grow on me but i think some classics are like that. a breathtaking album, the human soul laid bare in all its vulnerability and beauty.
    • low end theory/midnight marauders - both are pure hip hop perfection, positive young urban spirit exemplified.
    • the blue album - i don't know if this choice will be respected, but there is no weakness on this album.
    • wonderwall music - george was a genius who made this WHILE he was a beatle, and it not only blows my mind but everyone i play it for. my favorite piece of wax for sure.
  29. eddiecurry

    eddiecurry united colors of ping

    Always hard to choose one but this always is there or there abouts. It's just so darn happy.

  30. plurker

    plurker tú no tienes la culpa mi amor que el mundo sea feo

    Orbital? Weezer? Harold Melvin? Beatles? An album by Blue? :p

    We need more info before we can be all judgemental on yo'ass....

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