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Your favourite anti-union cliches!

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by Roadkill, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. YoursTruly

    YoursTruly Banned Banned

    Opps I meant Scott Adams. Erm, less of the name calling and insults please.

  2. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

    The finest cliche of the thread is...

  3. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

    Oh wait, he does 'the politics of envy' on the other one! :D
  4. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member

    Aye, but this is my thread so I can declare the winner. I'm the manager: I have the right to manage! :mad:
  5. YoursTruly

    YoursTruly Banned Banned

    Well for winning it, I'd better get...

    * Taps on calculator
    4 x 5.35

  6. copliker

    copliker ...

    Anyway, here's my personal top 15 in no particular order.

    1: Holding the public to ransom.
    2: I'm no fan of Thatcher but at least she took on the unions.
    3: The dead left unburied.
    4: The politics of envy.
    5: They were needed 100 years ago but...
    6: They have a monopoly on labour/are a cartel.
    7: If they don't like their job, why don't they leave and do something else
    8: We must all work together in partnership.
    9: Strike at the drop of a hat.
    10: Strikes discourage tourism/foreign investment etc
    11: We were always willing to talk to the union there was no need for this strike.
    12: Something or other about Cuba.
    13: I've just been made redundant but you don't see me making trouble
    14: Anecdote involving callous treatment of sick/dead baby/pensioner/disabled person.
    15: Unions come in through your window at night and steal your maps, and then when you want to go out somewhere exciting you can't, because all you have is a hopelessly futile grid reference, SU 680 313, darkly mocking you, and so you have to stay at home and toil, and even when you've finished toiling, you have nothing left to do but quietly sob over your one missed chance of freedom.
  7. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

    ...and we're off again:

  8. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

  9. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member


    I wondered about bumping this thread as soon as the 'Teachers' Strike' one started. As I think you said on another thread, every strike, same old clichés! :rolleyes:
  10. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

  11. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

  12. Louis MacNeice

    Louis MacNeice Autumn Journalist

    I love that one BA; someone gets longer holiays than me so my response is stuff 'em, cut their pay, see if I care...nice.

    Louis (my other half is a teacher:oops:) MacNeice
  13. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

  14. caroline1973

    caroline1973 Well-Known Member

    some additional favourite union cliches of mine -

    union barons
    unions have the labour party over a barrel
    throwbacks to the 1970s
    male, pale and stale

    the first three are rubbish, clearly, and a distraction from the real city barons holding the labour party hostage with their donations and harking back to the policies of the 1870s.

    sadly the fourth is still far too true of both the city/business AND the unions. Sigh...
  15. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

  16. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

    He's on a roll now...
  17. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

  18. Urbanblues

    Urbanblues Was that it, life?

    No you twat; it means instead of queuing in the bank for a reasonable period of time, say 5 minutes, you end up queuing for 15 minutes. This can be translated across industries and services; fewer teachers, bigger classes, less chance of one-to-one tuition for those children that are in need; less social workers, larger caseloads for those remaining, more opportunity for cock-ups in social care; a decrease in occupational therapists, a slower delivery of disabled assessments, disabled people living in inappropriate conditions for longer.
  19. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

    Kenny's first entry i think:

  20. Jeff Robinson

    Jeff Robinson Well-Known Member

    The last week has given us a fresh batch of new anti-union clichés as pundits and politicians crawl over each other to denounce public sector strikes and the supposedly forthcoming “summer of discontent”.

    Some choice morsals:

    * “Striking teachers are setting a bad example for the kids!” [British children need to be taught the virtues of subservience and respect for authority in the face of their incomes being slashed]

    * “the economic downturn necessitates that workers will have to accept real term losses in wages” [and presumably also the loss of pension funds, poor health and safety practices, factory closures and any other economically determined necessity of these "difficult times"]

    * “those who have gone on, or are preparing to go on strike are motivated by greed” [unlike these fuckers of course. I wonder how their salaries will be affected by the "downturn"]
  21. Jeff Robinson

    Jeff Robinson Well-Known Member

    "The strike was not representative of most teachers - only a third of NUT members voted in the ballot! (Hazel Blears) [whereas the present New Labour Government were voted for by 22% of the electorate and their support has plummeted since - I wonder how Blears would characterise the popularity of her own party?]
  22. Combustible

    Combustible Well-Known Member

    I always liked the argument "They are striking again yet their wages/holidays are better then many other workers," as if one wasn't a consequence of the other.
  23. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

    Some blustering classics from the latest idiot on the block:

    Looks like cobblers finally has some serious competition.
  24. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    employment rights are so last century eh
  25. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

    Can anyone guess which idiot the above quotes are from?
  26. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

  27. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

    Yep, the fearless masked crusader and moral leader of the glorious fightback against the invasive forces of feminism and equal rights strikes again.
  28. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    he's my new hero
  29. butchersapron

    butchersapron bring back hanging

    It's odd that a neanderhthal like that, albeit one that's managed to surve until today, is complaining about unions being outadated with language and opinions straight out of the 1870s.
  30. mauvais

    mauvais ★★☆☆☆    "humourless cunt" - Sunday Express

    I don't remember this at all, but I like it :D

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