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Discussion in 'suburban75' started by Mation, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    Delighted that all went well and hope he recovers quickly and fully.
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  2. High Voltage

    High Voltage In the top 97% of Urban's most interesting posters

    Epona I'm so glad to hear this and I'm delighted for you and Radar - here's to the safe return home of a much loved cat
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  3. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat meh

    : purr :
  4. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    Missy is so fucking high on something this evening. It's like she's had her entire bloodstream replaced by 100% adrenaline. She won't leave me alone, sitting next to the laptop, not wanting to be stroked but punching me if I dare move my hands to do anything else. The only thing that's distracting her is the laser pen, but I can't keep that up constantly.

    Hopefully she'll have worn herself out and I'll get an uninterrupted night's sleep.
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  5. xsunnysuex

    xsunnysuex Life is a horizontal fall.

    Toby is getting big now.

  6. Epona

    Epona Down with battered parsnips

    Went to visit Radar at the hospital this afternoon, the vet says he's doing really well but he don't half look a right mess, poor little mite - and he's high as a kite on the good shit.

    I'm not entirely sure he knew I was there, he wasn't really with it, and I don't think he can see, hear, or smell much right now (his eyelids and eye muscles aren't working properly at the moment because the nerves controlling them tend to get bruised during the sort of surgery he's had, it's not permanent damage in the vast majority of cases though - but it does look a tad alarming - and his ear canal and nasal passages are inflamed). He did press his little head against my hand (well against the latex glove I was wearing) when I rubbed the top of his head, which is the only bit of him that doesn't look sore or have an IV line or a transdermal patch.

    The vet will phone me again tomorrow to let me know how he is doing, they will keep him in until he is less congested and is eating again, they'd given him an appetite stimulant just as I arrived, and I'd taken some of his usual food - favourite flavour of wet, and his usual dry - in case that helps.
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  7. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    Another hyperactive evening. I hope this is just a phase she's going through, because it's very annoying. All she wants to do is sit next to my laptop and give me evils. If I try to do anything I get punished by either or both of claws and teeth.

    How do teach a cat to fuck off on command?
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  8. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat meh

  9. Epona

    Epona Down with battered parsnips

    I'm having a bit of a bad moment, poor thing looked in such a state earlier and I am missing him horribly.
    He had to have surgery because the polyps were starting to interfere with his breathing and bothering him with pain in his ear, and I have to keep reminding myself that the state he is in right now will only be for a few days that it is this bad (and the painkillers he is on, he's unlikely to remember much about it), and he hopefully has several years of happy cuddles and laying in a sunbeam and being a complete little horror and generally enjoying life ahead of him - which makes it worth it.
  10. Me76

    Me76 Not very good lurker

    ((Epona)). He'll be back with you and fine soon. I always find it shocking how quickly animals recover from things.
  11. Me76

    Me76 Not very good lurker

    Ozzie decided to sit on the window sill outside our bedroom window as we were going to bed last night. Cue Orson sitting on the inside, flicking his tail and tapping the window in a very confused manner for about 40 minutes.
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  12. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

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  13. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter


    He'll surprise you how quickly he will recover...
  14. xsunnysuex

    xsunnysuex Life is a horizontal fall.

    Molly looking beautiful this morning.

  15. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    She's really very pretty.. her expression is so "I love you mummy".
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  16. xsunnysuex

    xsunnysuex Life is a horizontal fall.

    Oh she does!! She's such a gentle loving soul. x
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  17. seeformiles

    seeformiles Lost in the wood

    4A097A4A-0B40-4787-91DA-53C11DC93530.jpeg Bob is King of the bed this morning
  18. trabuquera

    trabuquera Modesty Bag

    Molly is so dapper! Always looks immaculately turned out and neat and tidy. She's like the Coco Chanel of cats.
  19. So I think Reba is being bullied by other neighbourhood cats resulting in her pissing all over the house. Several times we've come home or downstairs to see one of a couple of local cats run out the catflap.

    Now we can't install a chip/magnet catflap as it is in the sliding patio door and therefore only has the clearance for the most basic of catflaps, but the invaders are getting more brazen. I have a water pistol by the back door but they've always cleared right off before I can get to it.

    So... Any suggestions?
  20. Chz

    Chz Stark Raving Sane

    I wish Bernard could manage to keep all his eyebrows like that. We've got some very sharp grasses in the garden, and it seems he likes to rub against them given that he normally only has one or two eyebrow whiskers in place.
  21. seeformiles

    seeformiles Lost in the wood

    Soaking’s the only way. One of ours was being bullied by the cat from 4 doors up - 2 serious soakings later and that cat hasn’t set foot in the garden since. Try leaving vessels (old squeeze bottles have best power and range) of water around the back yard so you will always have something close to hand the next time this cat appears. Good luck :)
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  22. colacubes

    colacubes Well-Known Member

    It works. Mine was the bully :oops: He came in soaked one day looking very sorry for himself and I believe he's not been back and hassled said cat since :D
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  23. Epona

    Epona Down with battered parsnips

    Radar is home!

    He now has normal control of his eyelids, so no permanent damage, in fact that cleared up really quickly - phew!
    He ate a bit today, he hasn't eaten since he's been home but I have some appetite stimulant pills for him and am to give him one tomorrow if he isn't eating - will also get some chicken breast and poach it in case that appeals more to him than his regular food right now. And of course if he doesn't eat tomorrow I will call the vet for advice.

    He has a fentanyl patch for pain relief, and is in a lovely red body stocking to prevent him messing with it. So along with the balance problems to be expected after middle ear surgery, he's also really wobbly from the drugs, have made a padded ramp up to our bed but he can't work out how to use it in his befuddled state.

    He was in so much better a state today when we arrived to pick him up, he recognised me for sure this time and was really excited and happy to see me :) :) He's also now really pleased to be home. :)
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  24. Calamity1971

    Calamity1971 If Mr Peanut says It's okay, then it is.

    Thats excellent news Epona. Pillows snuggles imminent :thumbs:.
  25. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I really am lost as to what's got into Missy over the last few evenings. Every time I'm at the computer and she's leaping up on the table, which I permit, but violently demanding fuck knows what. I've tried toys, enforced cuddles, treat food, ignoring her, but it takes her a very long time to wear herself out and go to sleep. It's really testing my patience.
  26. Me76

    Me76 Not very good lurker

    I'd go for light slap time. But that's just me.

    The OH always moans about how the cats annoy him: nibbling and getting in his face and stuff. They just don't do it with me. They know if they want attention it has to be civilised cos I don't let them get away with the annoying shit.
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  27. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I really hope it's just a phase, because it's not happened before in the near two years she's been with me.

    She's finally gone to sleep, and hopefully will enjoy the rugby with me this weekend.
  28. Lupa

    Lupa It's all about the butter

    Is it only when you're on the computer?
  29. Epona

    Epona Down with battered parsnips

    (Oh also, as an aside to my earlier post, if you ever use google to try to find out whether it is possible for a cat to go to the loo while wearing a body stocking, be *very* careful about your search terms... :oops: There are things that cannot be unseen...)
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  30. Thora

    Thora Differently Ethical

    How strict are people with food/portion sizes? Daisy constantly begs for food but she's a mainly inside cat so I don't want to let her get fat.

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