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YGAM! Problem Gambling Awareness Match, Saturday 5th Dec v Needham Market


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Contrary to what the article states, I am no longer a trustee and resigned this position earlier this year. However, I am still a supporter having delivered a number of problem gambling awareness workshops in my capacity as a youth worker, which I found to be very beneficial. It is an issue that is not highlighted in the education system and seems to have immersed itself in football culture.

I did not have a particular issue with industry representatives involvement with the organisation as the stance was never anti gambling. As something that isn't going to go away any time soon we felt it was better that us 'lay' people could be in their ear rather than the other way around! I was not so comfortable with the majority of funding coming from the industry though just as I wouldn't be if Dulwich Hamlet were sponsored by betting companies.

Regardless, all this information was available all along from the organisations website I provided a link for above - so this Guardian article doesn't provide any particular revelations.

Please contact me in person at a match if you would like to discuss further.
Got to respect an ethical stance. Good luck.

I just posted the story because I remembered the name. The fact I remember the charity means it must have good awareness from before.