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YearZero Magazine: New York fallout

Discussion in 'war on terror' started by TinyCrendon, Sep 17, 2001.

  1. TinyCrendon

    TinyCrendon New Member

    Have you ever felt like you were trapped? It’s like being stuck in a global tube train in the rush hour with the Fat Boys. Because all over the world ordinary people must be feeling more confined and more fearful of the actions of their `masters` than ever before.
    In Europe public opinion has been practically united. Firstly deep sympathy for the perversely horrific ways the innocents in the Towers died. Secondly, stop the violence. No nukes, no invasions, no revenge bloodbaths. Instead what is desired is a new era in global relations, decent foreign policies, more democracy at the UN and an absence of killings to make political points.
    Yet at a time when all these things are both needed and demanded by the people the powerful have other agendas. In the USA, the UK, Asia and the Middle East the regimes that are both backed and attacked by the USA are all juggling several balls in the air. Each one of them thinks they will come out on top. Each nation state, pro-west, anti-west, or profiteer (see Tajikistan, Uzbekistan etc) with their cabals of generals, advisors, industrialists and inherited power each think their strategy will have them come out `on top`. That, of course, is impossible.
    What is happening is more polarisation, what is happening is that ordinary people are finding themselves even more squeezed between maniacs, some have gone more manic. Most have gone the other way. What is happening is that the initial bluster after the horror has given way to reality. And what a reality.
    Our leaders, wherever you are in the world, are corrupt. Our leaders have created this unholy planet. Our leaders have created systems poisoned by years of hatred and violence. Our leaders have created juntas, hurt the innocent, degraded the weak and killed civilians. All of them. It is what governments do. Soviets, Americans, British, French, Chinese, Saudis…the lot of them. Not us, but our leaders.
    Our leaders are sometimes elected, rarely by the majority. 2 out of 10 Americans voted for GW Bush. Less than 3 out of 10 British voted for Tony Blair. Our representatives don’t actually represent us. But at least we, in the west, have some. More often than not they are military juntas. The country that America is trying the hardest to get `onside`, Pakistan, is a military junta. Its government ousted the civilian rulers, also corrupt, absolutely certain to the outside world that they would hand back power after three months. They haven’t. Instead they are looting the country like the other western juntas and many Soviet ones supported over the years. Swiss bank accounts are filling.
    GW Bush says in his televised call to Mayor Gulliani that he had just had support from “Jiang Zemin, President Putin and Prince Abdullah of Saudi (sic),” well, what a collection of criminals we have there. Jiang Zemin anyone? Killer of tens of thousands in Tibet, mainly civilians. Vladimir Putin, career KGB stalwart and killer of hundreds of thousands in Chechnya, almost 100% civilians. And as for the Saudi junta…
    But this isn’t saying the west and the former Soviet Union is wholly responsible. In the middle east you have to find people, just like we found the slave sellers in Africa, who are willing to prostitute their own people for power. Jordan, a country that would never accept the Palestinians into its auspices despite being the `official` Hashimite Kingdom. Egypt and Algeria, countries who reacted to political power moving to more radical Islam by slaughtering its own people and further radicalising the situation. Morocco who kill the people of the Western Sahara with impunity, supplied by the west. Libya, run by a genuine nut case prepared to do deals with anyone. Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and of course the country where the UK run their dirty situations with a security service run and staffed by Britons, Oman.
    But ordinary people? Do you `hate` Afghanis? Of course not. Do you hate Americans? Hey come off it. We love the USA and their people. Can we deny it ? Their wonderful blue jeans (admittedly invented by a Semite), clothes, rock music, hip hop and rnb, big portions of food, cars the size of small towns and of course, The Simpsons. We love to meet them, visit them and them visit us. They may speak slightly differently and have strange taste in tartan trousers but everyone, get a grip.
    The time has come for ordinary people to realise that we do not need leading and we do not need leaders. We need to realise that the things that make us similar (music, food, art, security, love, laughter) are far bigger than the things that aren’t (Yashmaks, tartan trousers). We need to realise that systems – in themselves - create corruption. We need to realise that we do not need `things` being done in our name, whichever it is, that we would all find atrocious. We do not need rich and powerful men to tell us what to do, when to do it or how to live our lives. We don’t need scum. Be they in a suit, a skirt, a turban or a yamulkha.
    Whether you are in Kabul or Compton, New York or Northolt, KL or LA your leaders, your powerful people, your masters, your `chosen few` are the problem. And hard though it may seem there is a solution. It’s ordinary, it’s decent, it lives and loves, cries and cheers. It thrives simply from being alive. It’s us. It’s you.
  2. rejectionist

    rejectionist Banned Banned

    Nice one adam...as always a clear concise and thought through piece..RESPECT to you.
  3. joe piece

    joe piece sometime spanner in works

    Yet again, great article Adam, big respect
  4. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    More cut and pasting and forwarding .. my friends liked and respected the last one ( a lot) and so did I and I like this one too so around it goes.

    Well done Adam

    W of W
  5. TinyCrendon

    TinyCrendon New Member

    Thanks a lot once again. Big spect to everyone for keeping their nerve innit.

  6. YOKE

    YOKE New Member

    yeah nice adam good post:

    I definitely feel trapped, its like ya cant get away from 'terror in america', its on nearly every news item, makes ya wonder what has happened to all the 'stories' that the news networks would have been feeding us if the attack hadnt happened.

    your right about 2 in 10 yanks and 3 in 10 brits 'voting' for their respective leaders .....well I'd imagine how its even less in the corrupt 'muslim' countries....and the thing is under a sincere interpretation of Islam the saudis, paki, sudanese etc states are anti islamic: ISlam calls for a khilafah, a sort of state and the people within its jurisdiction live according to sharia law and theres lots of provisions for the rights of women , non muslims, the poor etc.

    all of life is organised towards the will of god , allah

    my point is when the masses in 'muslim' countries see their corrupt rulers colluding with the western facists to kill members of the ummah ie there fellow muslims, we could quite easily see the masses rise against both the west and their corrupt 'muslim' rulers:

    maybe its wishful thinking though

  7. J-Bob

    J-Bob Guest

    Fuckin' brilliant piece Adam ! :)

    Ah, made me shiver at points, reminded me of...what was it now...ah yes, journalism, in the true sense of the word. Keep it up. :D

    [ 20 September 2001: Message edited by: J-Bob ]
  8. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

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