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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 - the best fitness tracker for a rock bottom price


Just £35 in the UK. And that's a bargain for the tech you're getting
Xiaomi UK

Each year, Xiaomi adds more features to its Mi Band lineup and keeps the price hikes to a minimum. With an improved display, more exercise profiles, and a rock-bottom price, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 squares itself away as one of the best cheap fitness trackers of 2019. If you called it the best cheap fitness tracker, I don’t know if I’d argue with you.

If you need a cheap fitness tracker or simply want to upgrade from a previous Mi Band device, you should seriously consider the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

Sport Functions
6 workout modes: Treadmill, exercise, outdoor running,
cycling, walking, pool swimming; Count steps, distance,
and calories burned

Health monitoring
Workout completion notifications, goal setting, sleep monitoring,
heart rate monitoring, all-day heart rate checking, resting
heart rate, heart rate chart, idle alerts

Other features
Alarm, proximity sensor, pre-set watch face, customizable watch face,
lock screen, timer, stopwatch, phone alarm and notifications, incoming
calls, message notifications, calendar notifications, app notifications,
weather forecast, Find my phone, phone unlock, event notification,
Night mode, Do not disturb mode (works even without phone), music
controls on band, Bluetooth broadcasting, battery level display, different
ways to wear, OTA updates


Rave review here
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Fitness tracking done right again

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is part of that product lineup from Xiaomi that keeps improving and keeps surprising, year after year. Just when you thought the company has delivered the best value product, out comes another that raises the bar even higher. The Mi Band 4 is an absolute joy to use as a fitness tracker and a smart band, ticking off all the right boxes. Outside of charging, I had no major complaints with this fitness tracker, and I can confidently give it a spot on my wrist every single day.
But what truly makes the Mi Band 4 a great fitness tracker is the fact that it manages to do everything without breaking your bank. I purchased the Mi Band 4 on my recent trip to Taiwan, costing me just under $30 (~₹2,150). Mi Bands traditionally target the ₹1,999 (~$28) price tag in India, and the Mi Band 4 might just stick with that trend too.

What truly makes the Mi Band 4 a great fitness tracker is the fact that it manages to do everything without breaking the bank.

At that price, the Mi Band 4 takes fitness tracking from established fitness aficionados who meticulously plan their exercises, to hobbyists and amateurs who are looking for the motivation to get started onto a healthier lifestyle. So if you are looking to get started with a daily run, and think getting a cheap fitness tracker would help, the Mi Band 4’s pricing and its features beyond fitness tracking ensure that you do not feel too bad if you relapse on your decision. The motivation to get fit ultimately comes from within yourself, and the Mi Band 4 just stands on the sidelines cheering you on — it’s an inexpensive decision to make for this role.

Had the tracker been more expensive, you would need a stronger motivation, a stronger resolve and a more urgent need to convince yourself that you do need a fitness tracker in your life. And that is Xiaomi’s masterstroke that would help them capture this market for yet another product cycle, deservedly so.
It's around £30. Incredibly cheap!