World Radio Day.

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    Radio Garden

    Click the green dots on the world map.
    Choose from the menu on the bottom right if one exists.
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    I am a radio anorak, yet I've never heard of World Radio Day. :hmm:

    But, I certainly agree that radio has the power to promote dialogue, tolerance and peace.

    Stumbling across Radio Caroline in the 70s, discussing environment issues, long before others, promoting Greenpeace & Friend of the Earth, free of charge I may add, plus discussing gay rights, and promoting the concept of Loving Awareness, was a heavy influence on my life.

    Sadly, it's power can be used by arseholes like Alex Jones. :(
  4. gentlegreen

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    I was a shortwave listener during the cold war days - though I had no understanding of the politics - (no one ever even explained the numbers stations) - but it was my mode of world travel - as the Internet is today in spades.
    I did my listening on a valve radio and in those days a lot of radio hams were still using army surplus gear and discussing their wartime experiences - and part of my renewed interest is due to what we now know about Bletchley park and the start of the computer revolution.

    I took my ham radio test in 1979, but have only recently paid for a licence - ironically partly because they dropped the morse requirement - whereas I'm actually hoping to learn the code in retirement because I want to make contacts using one valve and a piece of wet string. (though my motivation is low due to the limited kinds of people I can communicate with - so my first transmissions will be using a mode that grew from Mars landers and which relies on automated receiving stations outputting reports on the Internet.
    Map | WSPRnet

    Firing up a shortwave receiver for the first time in decades, the most noticeable change apart from the loss of all those classic communist radio stations is the massive amount of electronic noise from modern electronics - not least from light bulbs - I even have one with 10GHz doppler radar that sees through walls.

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