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Women's World Cup 2019


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They want 24 teams next time. Which will mean 1 brilliant team, 4 or 5 very good teams and about 18 shit teams


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Thank God Wimbledon and the cricket world cup are on, I'm going to be suffering major withdrawal symptoms from tomorrow. Watched every game (apart from the ones that were duplicate timings).

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TDF is live every afternoon on ITV 4 and Eurosport. Also has lots of great views of French countryside. There is an hours highlights on ITV4.
Oh, it's doubtful it will be won by an American this year.


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Only just watched the match as I was saving it for mrsb to be home. Turned out she’d Listened to it driving back from that London. We still watched it all, even after she rather ruined the first half by going ‘I’ll pay more attention in the second half’ after fifteen minutes. Which gave it away a bit.

Still, a very decent match, the penalty was harsh but fair on the Dutch, so good thing the second goal was an absolute cracker.

It did seem like the cameraman had an instruction - ‘if there’s nowt happening, focus on Alex Morgan’. I wonder why?


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Some interesting data via Gabriele Marcotti

1. Of 8 nations with most registered players, 7 made QFs of the WWC (other made R16).
2. USWNT dominates in part bc 40 pct of registered players are American.
3. 1 in 4 FIFA Nations don’t have a senior women’s team

Registered players = if you play in a team that is a member of a country's Football Assiciation


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1 equates to having 100,000 registered players apparently.

Read elsewhere the average wage for players who actually made it to the finals is just under £5k