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Womens Hairdressers in Cardiff

Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by Funky_monks, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Funky_monks

    Funky_monks Neo-Rustic

    Righty then.

    My lovely girlfreind has recently moved to Pontypridd. She would like to know if there is a nice, yet inexpensive hairdressers in the Ponty-Cardiff area.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by her and her hair.

  2. Funky_monks

    Funky_monks Neo-Rustic

    Are all the Welsh posters bald these days or summat?

    I had to cut her hair myself in the end.......fuck me that was a scary experience! :oops:
  3. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    Are you taking appointments now then?
  4. LilMissHissyFit

    LilMissHissyFit Disturbed in a pink bra

    Does it have to be in Caerdydd? :)
    Im sure I could recommend one closer ( and the price tag is likely to be less) ;)
  5. Udo Erasmus

    Udo Erasmus Well-Known Member

    PM me.

    I've got a bowl, some clippers and some shears . . .
  6. Funky_monks

    Funky_monks Neo-Rustic

    No, the closer to Pontypridd the better really.

    Thanks :)
  7. LilMissHissyFit

    LilMissHissyFit Disturbed in a pink bra

    Try Morgans in Caerphilly- Its on white street

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