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Discussion in 'computers, web and general tech' started by weltweit, May 11, 2017.

  1. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    Anyone have issues installing the Win10 Creators upgrade?

    I just waited hours for it to get to 75% then it crashed and on restarting it went to about 83% and crashed again before restoring me to a previous version.

    Am trying again, it will not beat me!!
  2. souljacker

    souljacker A bit of skullduggery

    Like with all windows updates, I'm going to wait until it's been out for a bit before I try it. It will almost certainly have a load of shitty bugs.
  3. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    I just fresh install whenever there's a major update. Just something I do, because I'm a nerd and like having a clean out. Doesn't help you really, pointless comment by me.
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  4. ruffneck23

    ruffneck23 Well-Known Member

    No probles at all here ,installed the Creators edition the day it came out,came down pretty quickly
  5. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    Downloading now, but I have a pretty slow connection, it is only on 25% downloaded at the moment.

    Do you see a benefit from this upgrade?
    I thought it might benefit me as I work with photographs but reading the blurb I am not so sure.
  6. ruffneck23

    ruffneck23 Well-Known Member

    I cant tell that much difference to be honest, I only really wanted to test ' Game mode' and it doesnt seem to do anything lol
  7. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    I like the night mode (same thing you're phone does once it gets dark)

    That's about it.
  8. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    in 49 minutes it has just got to 57% downloaded ...

    slow or what
  9. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    So I downloaded the update again and again tried to install, it got to 76%, tried to reboot and went into limbo, not reading or writing to the disk for 15 minutes. So I switched off and rebooted and the install continued to 86% at which point the computer hung ..

    I left it 5 minutes and restarted at which point it reverted to a previous version of windows (at least it did that rather than leaving me with no system at all) hopefully it will have told Microsoft that this version does not work for me because after wasting two install attempts, a couple or more hours I am in no mood to try installing again.
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  10. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

    I'm going to play it safe and leave my Pc turned off for a few days
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
  11. RoyReed

    RoyReed Must fly!

    It downloaded quite quickly for me, but took about six or seven reboots, two of which froze and needed a forced restart. It also reset some of the changes I'd made, like disabling quick restart, which causes it to hang on boot every time on my laptop.
  12. Tankus

    Tankus living someone else's dream.

    4 or 5 restarts ..the download had already been done , before it asked me to install... took around 10 min to get back in

    nothing immediately obvious ..other than edge and cortana is noticeably slower


  13. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    I am on someone else's computer at the moment and it has the creators upgrade queued for installation. It is demanding a change to privacy settings before installation though which I recall from my own machine. So it seems if you don't change your privacy settings it won't push the install.
  14. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

  15. bi0boy

    bi0boy Power User

  16. Silas Loom

    Silas Loom The people have spoken, the bastards.

    Fucking hell, half an hour already “working on updates” and it’s got to 3%. I was hoping to make up for doing fuck all all week by having a super-productive day today.
  17. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral.

    It is totally fucking shit. I had to upgrade a laptop I bought new running Win10. The MS website still states very clearly states that the minimum requirements are 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. This is bollocks and they know it.

    I've given up trying to update. I'll just switch to another OS when Win10 becomes to tired.
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  18. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Seagull + Chips = Happy Seagull

    I've only just noticed this feature. I've used f.lux for years which does the same thing, so will see if the W10 thing does everything that f.lux does.
  19. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad Well-Known Member

  20. UnderAnOpenSky

    UnderAnOpenSky baseline neural therapy

    It's pretty standard with phones and stuff, but generally this hasn't been the case with stuff like Windows. Title is clickbait though...they could switch to a different OS. Although I suspect if I was using a budget 5 year old windows machine, i'd have probably thrown it out the window anyway.
  21. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    Just had a bit of a saga with a windows feature upgrade.

    Win 10 installed a few updates, and afterwards my wireless modem was nowhere to be seen.

    I decided to uninstall the updates, but that did not restore my modem.

    Eventually I uninstalled and reinstalled the modem but then I had to find all the passwords for everything again as if starting from scratch.

    Not a happy bunny!
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  22. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Seagull + Chips = Happy Seagull

    Think of it as a good opportunity to change the passwords to keep on top of your security.
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  23. toblerone3

    toblerone3 Grrrrr

    Just had a bad Windows 10 upgrade experience. It got to 75% and then I waited ages only for an error box to appear saying "windows did not install please restart update" pressing enter just brings up the same message again after a few minutes. Have tried a hard shutdown a few times but all to no avail. Is my computer fucked permanently now. Dont know what else to try :(
  24. toblerone3

    toblerone3 Grrrrr

    Rather spookily my computer keeps switching itself on and coming with the same error message even after i did a hard shutdown last night.
  25. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    Try the advice here: Windows 10 - No restart after update
  26. toblerone3

    toblerone3 Grrrrr

    None of the advice worked unfortunately. But thanks anyway. Ended up taking it to a laptop repair shop. Somehow they managed to do a complete reinstall/factory reset..and I got my data back as well :). Advised to disable all Windows 10 upgrades in future. Cost me £185 :( Windows 10 is the worst operating system so far. :mad:
  27. UnderAnOpenSky

    UnderAnOpenSky baseline neural therapy

    Have you got a back up now?
  28. izz

    izz Madam, to you. :-P.


    I have a weeny HP stream laptop which I love because it's weeny, handbag friendy and has an excellent battery life.It has a 32gb drive. I keep all of my data (documents for my MSc) on a micro sd card, I'm running Windows 10 and Office 2016. Despite removing as many applications as I dare and regularly cleaning up there isn't enough space on the drive to install updates to Windows. Does anyone know what happens with these updates - is there ever a time when Windows simply stops working ? It bleats several times a week because its tried to update and failed. I have taken it to laptop repair shop - the chappy removed everything and reinstalled it but it wasn't that long before it wanted to install another update.


    is it worth binning windows entirely and running Linux ? I need Office 2016 (and may wish to install mind-mapping software and Mendeley).
  29. Poi E

    Poi E Pessimism: a valuable protection against quackery.

    Had the same situation with a new stick PC. I had to download a Windows 10 ISO to an external drive and reinstall from that. Whenever I tried doing an upgrade it would not acknowledge the external drive or SD card I had installed. The thing is to get the ISO from the Microsoft site I had to go into the web page coding and do something so the page would offer the ISO up. Otherwise, the page just kept taking me through the upgrade route. Once I reinstalled Windows 10 the upgrade went smoothly.
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  30. ruffneck23

    ruffneck23 Well-Known Member

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