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Will the Commissioner keep his word?

Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
Thanks for your post Detective Boy.

Brian Moore, whilst on his way home in plain clothes, arrested a man outside Brixton station for trying to sell him cannabis. He got into trouble and had to ask members of the public to help him make the arrest. In some reports in the media it was said the man had a knife. I beleive that the cannabis turned out to be oregano and the man was charged with fraud.

Delia Smith will shortly be appointed to Lambeth to rid the streets of the menace of culinary herbs.


The more I think about it the more that Brian Moore arrest stinks of being a PR stunt. Brian Moore seems OK, but he ain't no "man of the people".

I'm not ready to say "Brian is dead, long live Brian".

The other one is much better.

I keep thinking about that "East of Acre Lane" event. I can't imagine any other police officer standing up and being so honest after having really thought about his response to that book. Very impressive.


Local friendly ex-cop
I will not be posted to the intelligence job until 1 November, or the end of the discipline proceedings if that turns out to be later. The "independent" review of the ranks and support structures on boroughs, including whether there should be a Commander in Lambeth, is about to start and will take 4 weeks.


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Good to see you back, detective boy. Sorry to hear you've left your job (on another thread) - that's quite a turmoil, but your life will settle down and you'll be better for it in the long run.

Thanks for that info Brian.

I don't think we should fall into the trap that demanding Brian Paddick's return means dissing on Brian Moore. They're not related, not least because there is no saying that Brian Moore would automatically step into the job if Brian Paddick didn't come back. And indeed, Moore's made a good fist of the job in diificult circumstances. Nor has he attempted to air brush Paddick out of the recent police success's in Lambeth (see last PCCG meeting - 18 Sep 2002: Paddick’s contribution acknowledged )

I think the Paddick v Moore false polarity is something both Stevens (in his TV piece) and Hoey are trying to set up. They know that a lot of significant players in the community would back off appearing to undermine the officer acting in the post.

Meanwhile, someone's stirring it here:
Paddick hits out at government crime policy

The comments "have only just emerged" ie the day before the MPA disciplinary panel meets. Aconference on police reform at the RCA? Shum mishstake shurely...more like the RSA. Poor journalism or inept, malign briefing?

Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
Brian Moore has had a difficult time in keeping things together.

He has also has 102 more officers, and £1.25 million pounds in extra money than Brian had whilst he was in charge.

Whilst it is not a competition thing, if he is not doing the job for the community then he should be criticised.

If we let things slide just because we do not want to offend Brian Moore then the situation in the community gets worse.

It seems to me there is a creeping move to say why do you need a Commander in Lambeth, Brian Moore is doing alright.

It's not a level playing field and people should be aware of this.

Speak out if you have a point to make.

Caspar Hauser

Boy from Nowhere


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lambeth leads street crime drop

Casper: As ever, Mr Diligence!

Meanwhile, Lambeth has shown a 39% drop in street crime, January to September, vindicating Paddick's strategy. This compares with 11% across London overall and just 18% in the next highest borough (Westminster).

Announced on the day the MPA are meeting to consider disciplinary issues around a set of bought allegations against the architect of this success - says it all.

BBC Report here


He has also has 102 more officers, and £1.25 million pounds in extra money than Brian had whilst he was in charge.
Interesting, I didn't know that. There are noticeably more police on foot in central Brixton in the last few weeks, and subsequently less hassle from itinerent oregano salesmen and travelcard traders. The eight (count 'em) standing around the tube this afternoon looked deeply bored though.


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From my notes from the last PCCG meeting, the number of additional officers June 2001 to Sept 2002 was 140.

The extra money is a one-off for anti-crack measures, from the Home Office. It was initially £1.25m but was then increased to £1.54m. But, that is to be spent by both the police and the local authority, and other agencies (about 5% is earmarked for treatment oprions for prostitutes associated with crack houses, for example). From memory, I think 40% of the total was additional police spend, mostly on overtime.

The annual budget for Lambeth police is around £40m.


Originally posted by pooka
The extra money is a one-off for anti-crack measures, from the Home Office.
OK, so maybe it is a pure coincidence that this money and all these extra beat officers became available after Brian Paddick had been sidelined. :confused:
I completely take your point that a ''Battle of Brians'' is not the issue -- and must not become the issue -- but I find the way things have unfurled more than a little dubious in places.


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Well, I'm don't think there's anything sinister here. The extra officers are part of the London wide extra recruitment and only bring Lambeth up to its establishment figure.

The crack money is (I believe) from a UK wide Communities Against Drugs initiative.
In the 2001 Budget an extra £220 million was allocated over three years for the Communities Against Drugs Programme. This funding is specifically designed to help local communities mobilise against drugs


I totally agree, it shouldn't turn into a "Battle of the Brians".

Brian Moore is a very competent, experienced and able police officer. He has substantial detective experience and undoubtedly brings a lot to Lambeth when dealing with crime problems and operations.

But we all have strengths and weaknesses, and personal styles and beliefs, and his are very different from Brian Paddicks.

The question is "What is best for Lambeth?". Only the people of Lambeth know that. Perahps we should have elected police chiefs after all!!

Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
The whole point about Brian Moore is that the Met are trying to sell him as another Brian Paddick and he is not. They will say look at the figures he is doing just as well as Paddick. The whole point is he has more officers and more money. Regardless of how that money came to Lambeth he still has more money.

He himself has said that he is following the procedures that Paddick laid down. He is bringing nothing new to the job and he does not have the experienec of 20 years spent working in and around Lambeth.

Stop being so PC and wimpy !!

It's about the best for Lambeth and that is not Brian Moore !!

He may be moving the dealers from Coldharbour Lane now, are they being arrested ? Or just moved to another area.

The figures do look good but he has more officers and more money.

It's not a level playing field and nobody should forget that.

This man is responsible for controlling armed checkpoints on the streets of Lambeth and cannot tell the difference between oregano and cannabis.