Why is Wales so poor? (Economy, language and more)

Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by lewislewis, Feb 19, 2009.

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    It wasn't as emphatic as your post suggests, and some people only voted for Brexit on the grounds that they've been so fucked by the current system, things couldn't get much worse. And, like a lot of people, I dare say some believed the outright lies that were pedalled by the Leave campaign.

    854,572 (52.5%) voters in Wales chose to leave the EU, compared with 772,347 (47.5%) supporting Remain.
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    Back in the 1970's , the panacea seemed to be setting up "industrial estates and units" - that seemed to work for a while until globalisation kicked in , and outsourced much of the embryonic businesses - there actually seems to be a fair bit or higher tech / or maybe back office stuff in Cardiff certainly - less so elsewhere maybe. The key needs to be major improvements in high tech connectivity and the access to markets , not to mention proper electrification beyond Cardiff of the main lines (and something of course for North Wales rail wise) .....

    Quite amazingly - WiFi is now available on pretty well every ATW train , so you can surf the net from Dovey Junction ..:thumbs:
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    The Welsh have never been communist. Higher ambitions for its people, instead of lower ambitions. If all regions of the UK are following scientific pronciples of wealth creation, it is hard for a region to catch up.
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    This is an interesting article about Wales and the Brexit vote, thinking about the possible diminishing of the 'Welsh effect' in Welsh politics, Wales as an effective one party state, and the effect of significant in-migration of retired English voters who are more right wing in large numbers into some areas of Wales.

    One other thing Wales lacks is any form of real internal political media - I'd recommend the podcast Desolation Radio - one of the contributors is the author of the linked article, it's looks a specific Welsh political issues from a non partisan, Welsh left wing viewpoint.
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    That is interesting. So this is another thing we can blame England for!
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    On Anglesey I can go to the local supermarket and be in a minority, with more brummie and cockney accents than Welsh speakers. A Welsh speaking heart-land swamped in a generation.

    The last point in your quote is spot on, they mostly seem to be UKIPpers, with the amount of posters and banners I see at elections.

    Fucked up.
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    Wales. Please God no.
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    its a bot. or someone who's talking to the people in his head.
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    In the days of analogue TV I used to take calls from english folk who'd moved to wales and were complaining about welsh TV in English and Welsh. As a Scot I had to explain to them that moving to a different country will bring it certain cultural differences and the solution to getting your TV back was to move. The slogan " come home to a warm fire buy a holiday home in wales" was in my mind :)
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    A former co-worker from Chester swore blind that he would not go to Wales because of the risk to his safety. As I have a deep affection for Wales I encouraged his misguided views.

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