Who's going along to the G20 protests?

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by editor, Mar 26, 2009.


Are you going to the G20 protests?

  1. Damn right. I'll be there - and at every other G20 demo I can humanly attend

  2. Fo' sho! I'll be at the demo

  3. Love to but can't make it

  4. I have no interest in going

  5. My name is Lordy Shitface and I'm going on a pro-G20 demo. Toot toot!

  1. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    There's quite a few to choose from, but we'll be at the G20 Meltdown.

    Who's going and where?
  2. Blagsta

    Blagsta Minimum cage, maximum cage

    I'm going to the march on Saturday. I have to work all next week.
  3. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I'll be on the march on Saturday too if I can make it

  4. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty


    London Bridge meet up.

  5. ohmyliver

    ohmyliver poppin' like a cork

    I'm going to try and make the wednesday one...
  6. Garcia Lorca

    Garcia Lorca Anger can be power

    was coming down by bus til i broke a bone in my foot at the weekend, i get a feeling that just being able to wobble around would be risky business for the wed.
  7. Bakunin

    Bakunin I am Noodle's bitch.

    Yep, I'm coming up for the Saturday demo and staying until the Thursday/Friday.
  8. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    I'm doing Saturday, but can't make next week. At least 130 University of Manchester and Man Met students tootling along.

  9. golightly

    golightly I've been gentrified. - :(

    Same here. I'm drumming up support from people at work to attend.
  10. I really want to go to the march but I already promised to go to Wales to watch my husband's ten year old nephew play for England Under 11's.:(

    However I expect there will be many marching and protesting opportunities this spring and summer, so good luck everyone for the start of the season.
  11. free spirit

    free spirit more tea vicar?

    I'm contemplating it, but it's likely mean quitting this temp job I'm doing 2 weeks early, with no other work lined up in the near future and lots of money owed out that doesn't seem like a terribly sensible thing to do.... :hmm:

    so that's a maybe then;)
  12. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    This is more than a good reason to not go imo, you can be cool Auntie Badger Kitten who gets tickets to Englands World Cup in 2018 and beyond when the nephew captains the side :cool:
  13. Goatherd

    Goatherd meritocracy lol

    The ONE day of the year when I have commitments I can't get out of. :mad:
  14. Azrael

    Azrael circling Airstrip One

    I'm not going as, even if I wanted to spend a few days in lock-up, I'd be aligning myself with quite a few "protestors" who see violence and criminal damage as legitimate outlets for their frustration.

    And what's being protested? Globalisation, capitalism itself, international summits, useless freeloading politicians, or all of it?

    Anyhow, good luck to any peaceful protestors.
  15. 100% masahiko

    100% masahiko i is a professor and is magical like totoro

    This one is a biggie and I wish I could make it.
  16. where to

    where to Well-Known Member

    would be interesting to see this thread up in general with options for the 28th and 1st.
  17. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    At this rate I'll be going alone on the Wed so if there's meet up . . .
  18. Prince Rhyus

    Prince Rhyus Spokesman of King Antonio

    Will wander round to SOAS to see the student tottie count/get a view of some left list lovelies before wandering down to Hyde Park.
  19. bluestreak

    bluestreak HomosexualityIsStalin’sAtomBombtoDestroyAmerica

  20. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    really wish i could but suspect it would be a bit fucking dumb
  21. the button

    the button out on the kocker

    I shall be in the City on 1 April, but rather too early in the morning to see any protesters I suspect. :)
  22. zevion

    zevion New Member

  23. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    I'm there on Saturday and I'm looking at ways to go along on Wednesday.
  24. AnnO'Neemus

    AnnO'Neemus Is so vanilla

  25. Geri

    Geri wasn't born to follow

    I'm going to the march on Saturday. Looking forward to it, even though our coach is leaving at the crack of dawn.
  26. dylans

    dylans overlord of all acorns

    Decided not to go cus i have a kid and i can't leave him at home. There is a real risk if confrontation on this one and its not fair to subject him to that risk.
    But good luck to everyone there. I hope it makes history.

    "A riot is the voice of the unheard "(martin luther King)
  27. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    Depends on the weather :p

    (p.s. the real reason I'm not going is the same as dylans')
  28. han

    han brixton hill hobbit

    Me and my bro are thinking of going along on the Wednesday.............
  29. han

    han brixton hill hobbit

    poss. the rally on Saturday pm as well.............
  30. In Bloom

    In Bloom Joyless and full of hate

    I have to work, but I probably wouldn't bother even if I didn't. What's the big deal about the G20 anyway? Does anybody really believe that the protests stand even the tiniest chance of effecting the summit or the delegates in any way whatsoever?

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