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Who will buy the Brixton Woolies?

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Ms T, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. memespring

    memespring Well-Known Member

    my money's on sainsburys moving there.
  2. fogbat

    fogbat The Talibum

    I like the finer stitching their tiny fingers can do :cool:
  3. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    A big knitting shop - they could call it Wool Worth and save on new signage?
  4. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    A TFL Waiting Room
  5. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    someone like Primark or Waitrose/Sainsburys moving

    be the only people who could afford the rent.

    unless it's split in to smaller units but not sure how that would work tbh as it's quite a deep store.
  6. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    If all 32191 members of this site chipped in £20 annually then that would give us £643,820.00 then I reckon we could use it as a secret HQ and stuff?

    Obviously if we remove all the Firky alters then the number drops down to about 18.
  7. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    Stringfellows Brixton.
  8. snackhead

    snackhead Am I??

    Count me in, we could disguise the outside as a Victorian taxidermist's store, then we'll never be rumbled


    Posted under the influence of night nurse, I thank you
  9. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    Yeah i can see that. Keep the bus stops where they are and reserve that space for limos and valet parking.
  10. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    Not sure about that, they'd have to be a normal supermarket and open at conventional times, unlike their Local shops. And we have Tesco round the corner.
  11. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member

    Why would they have to be a normal supermarket and open at conventional times?
  12. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    Woolworths is huge so they wouldn't be able to open for more than 6 hours on a Sunday (it's some law that applies to any retail space above a certain square footage)
  13. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member

    Huh.. I didn't know that! I haven't been in Brixton Tescos since forever, but I remember on Sundays it used to be awfully short hours.

    So how does it work then for those massive 24 hour places? Have they got some special "out of town" law?

    (shouldn't you be in the Prince Regent?)

    (shit.. i should be at Christmas dinner myself elsewhere!!)

    *buggers off*
  14. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    A certain poster thought Woolies would make a blinding bus shelter :D
  15. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    It's the best idea so far, apart from ianw's.:p

    Anyway, get over to the thread on Spoon. Tarannau is giving you a hard time.
  16. tarannau

    tarannau Mongolian eyed

    Fuck me, do you want a giant stirring spoon (currently at 50% off in Woolies) to go with that Twisted.

    I think Woolies would make an excellent food venue fwiw - I can see the signs for 'Chicken Palace' now.
  17. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    I just couldn't waste such an opportunity:D

    Come to think of it though, all the shops in New Park Road could fit in there in some new slightly upmarket food arcade.
  18. Oswaldtwistle

    Oswaldtwistle Banned

    (edited for being an utter twat and not reading the thread properly-point already discussed!)
  19. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

    Magnificent pic!

    Brixton Woolies is a great building - Art Deco?

    I hope its character is kept whoever takes it on.
  20. Pat24

    Pat24 Brixtonian


    I havent seen paddy shop in brixton...maybe now it's the time:D

    they would be the daddy of all brixton's betting shops.
  21. lang rabbie

    lang rabbie Je ne regrette les gazebos


    I hear (no more than idle rumours) that Wilkinsons - the store that for the last twenty years has made loads of money in the Midlands and North of England selling all the things that Woolworths stopped selling when they went for higher margins in the 1980s - have decided not to repeat the errors of William Morrisons's takeover of Safeway and are unlikely to bid for the whole Woolies business, but may be in negotiations with the administrators to take a portfolio of leases.

    They have been slowly moving into cheap London locations - a store opened in Penge this autumn.

    However, even after the splitting up of the Brixton store in the 1980s, it would still be pretty big for a Wilkinsons. I wonder if the property owners would be interested in splitting the site further so Brixton could have both a Wilkinsons and a Waitrose.
  22. Ms T

    Ms T Honey-coloured ramparts

    Do you really think that Waitrose will move to Brixton? More likely to be Aldi, no?
  23. trabuquera

    trabuquera Modesty Bag

    Want a proper bookshop - but we won't get one.

    I like both the 'world's biggest nail bar' and 'bus shelter' and 'brixton cycles' options for pure brixtonianness but what about a truly radical step? why not let all the psst psst skunk skunk men stop loitering about on the pavement outside, get in, take over the tills and produce a shining business success story in the midst of crashing recession?

    (they'll probably move faster than the old woolies' staff, that's for sure)
    all we'd need would be an iconoclastic forward-thinking mayor and a charismatic local police chief eager to break out of the sterile logic of the war on drugs ... oh hang on a minute ... still, I say: Brixton Hamsterdamworld ftw!
  24. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    You've seen those council plans too, then.
  25. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    Nah, I don't think we're posh enough for Waitrose. :D

    M&S has only started picking up more customers since its' expansion and it only gets really really busy at Christmas
  26. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    I've had a wonderful idea.

    A food court, like they have in Singapore, Malaysia etc.

    Everyone could sit down next to each other sharing their Chinese, Curries, Macdonalds etc. whilst waiting for a bus. This might reduce the smell on the buses :D

    It could be a first in the UK, or are there already food courts here that I've not heard about?
  27. billythefish

    billythefish toad licker

    I like the book shop idea - and also miss a decent all-rounder music store... perhaps a Border's style shop?....

    ... with a big bus shelter inside the doors.
  28. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    Would be nice but would be a paradise for bagthieves. Good idea, Wrong location.
  29. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    Only if people are stupid enough to leave their bags unattended :D
  30. lang rabbie

    lang rabbie Je ne regrette les gazebos

    [retail property analyst manqué]
    Close to a busy Zone 2 tube station with a lot of professional singles and DINKY households within the pedshed so not a completely impossible prospect.
    [/retail property analyst manqué]

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