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Who will be in the final?


Left Of The Dial
That doesn't mean they're dull.
Yes it does. they need a ladyboy dribbling own each wing, a couple of good-looking forwards with flair and a midfielder who can score from 40 yards out and all of them have to feature in adverts by either Nike and/or Pepsi.
Without all of that and football team is boring;)


Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.
Russia will beat Germany in the final and there will be much rejoicing.


Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.
it was 0-0 cause italy had 11 men behind the ball Spain tried to score, italy didnt, simple as. you're obviously biased to italy and didnt watch the game.
I don't think twisted is the one who didn't watch the game

Kaka Tim

Crush the Saboteurs!
Germany vs Russia.

Germany will win cos they nearly always do.

However my predictions for the winners of the q finals were 100% wrong so I'd rush out and put a bet on Turkey vs Spain.


TUC Off Your Knees
Germany v Spain.

Russia could make it, but I think they probably just played the game of their lives, and wont match that again. Turkey have virtually no chance, with so many players out, tho I would love for them to beat the Germans.

T & P

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Aye, outplayed them so well that they didn't score in 90 minutes or in extra time. :rolleyes:
If only we had at our disposal the team that obliterated Russia 4-1 when we played them last instead of this bunch of losers eh?



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Turkey v Spain with Turkey winning.

C'mon, Turkey are in the semis of a major competition after being in front for a total of just 150 seconds - now with luck like that you gotta believe that this is Turkey's year.

Germany are just flattering to deceive - they're not as resilient as German teams we've seen before.


Three teams who I think will have a decent chance of being in the final are....

Germany, Russia and Spain. I think it has to be two of those three.