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Who was worst Hitler or Churchill (as an artist).

Winston or Adolf

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Worn out, few teeth missing....
Hitler, according to Albert Speer was a admirer of classical architecture.
That’s how he and Speer became obsessed with building the new Reich Empire in the capitals of Europe.


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Serious issues with the shadows and perspective here. If you're going for that crisp, lifelike look you've got to get the basics right. The colours are pretty drab but there are some nice textures there, nothing too clever but well executed.
That's by Hitler.



Worn out, few teeth missing....
Shades of Cezanne there. The composition is a bit off with that big splodge of brown in the bottom right but overall I quite like this one.
Cezanne was considered a degenerate artist by the Nazis along with Picasso and several hundred modernist artists.

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Hitler was shit at drawing hands, they haven't even got the right number of fingers.
you're assuming the models had the usual number of figures. but being as hitler was something of a monster i wouldn't be surprised if he'd chosen his models for their polydactyllery or whatnot