Who should be the England football captain?

Discussion in 'football' started by Badgers, Jun 1, 2019.


Who would you pick for England captain?

  1. Kane

  2. Henderson

  3. Someone else (please explain why)

  4. Stevie Bull

  1. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    Just interested to know what urban75 thinks?

    With the massive 'nations league' coming up and for the short/mid term future/cohesion of the England squad.


    I do think the position of captain is fairly pointless in the modern game. In fact at international level it seems less needed than at club level. However it does seem a 'big deal' so I suppose England should have the right person for the title.
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  2. emanymton

    emanymton A cat politely sat on the flaming gardener.

    Me. Because why the fuck not.
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  3. LiamO

    LiamO Well-Known Member

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  4. chieftain

    chieftain Mega Gammon


    Chief Wiggum - He's a natural leader
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  5. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    Your mum
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  6. Rebelda

    Rebelda Nearly as bad as Badgers

    Gareth :mad:etc.

    I like Maguire for captain, there's no handbags about him. Maybe not yet though? Dunno.
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  7. littlebabyjesus

    littlebabyjesus one of Maxwell's demons

    Just do what the Italians do. Whoever has the most caps is captain.
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  8. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank If it's alive, don't lick it.

    Henderson was born and shall die a shit player.
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  9. ruffneck23

    ruffneck23 Well-Known Member

    I said Kane , cos I dont know who the others are :oops:
  10. ice-is-forming

    ice-is-forming Well-Known Member

    Me, so obviously me.
  11. hash tag

    hash tag member

    Steph Houghton has done a pretty good job up to know, plenty of experience, at 31 I'm sure she has a year or two left in her yet, so why change now?
  12. 8ball

    8ball Resident Right-Winger

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  13. donkyboy

    donkyboy Crazy cat man

    inserts football cliché [a team should have 11 captains on the pitch]
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  14. souljacker

    souljacker Esquire

  15. S☼I

    S☼I bullshit bullshit my line

  16. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    That is going well
  17. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    It went really well.

    He was pretty absent tonight. In some ways it is nice he is captain for his 50th appearance. Really should have a number of starting players before him.
  18. LiamO

    LiamO Well-Known Member

    Too right. What the fuck do Jurgen Klopp or Soutgate no about football anyway, eh? EH? EH?!!

    Never mind Captain. SpookyFrank for Manager!
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  19. Lord Camomile

    Lord Camomile Lemonade socialist

    To be fair, he was captain for 45 minutes!
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