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White supremacist chatroom Stormfront taken offline


old wave
Stormfront has continued functioning as a few more of it's members find and apply the online instructions to modify their HOSTS file in order to access it.

However this workaround doesn't use the actual IP number of Stormfronts server but the IP number it has been assigned by Cloudflare. Don Black has now received the standard notification from Cloudflare that since the suspended 'stormfront.org' domain no longer points to Cloudflare's name servers it will be removed from them, thereby terminating the workaround.

He has thus set up another domain he owns to act as what he describes as a temporary address. Since he has also been advised that legal action to recover the 'stormfront.org' domain is likely to be a lengthy process this "temporary" domain address could well finish up being permanent. Assuming it doesn't also get suspended.

After Charlottesville, Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right have become a lot less welcome on the web. So they’re building their own.
Andrew Anglin has already been testing the limits of "free speech" at GAB to near destruction. His online advice for his supporters to sign up has focussed a lot of attention on the site, and the domain registrar for GAB, AsianRegistry.com, has been receiving lots of complaints.

A couple of days ago Anglin was complaining vociferously about a NSFW filter which had been put into effect on GAB which caught both porn images and racial abuse

No sooner had this died down than he reposted a vile Heather Heyer meme from a twitter account called "@realEmilyYoucis'. Headed "Tinder: expectation and reality" this showed a picture of Heyer and next to it a very unpleasant image referencing her weight and the manner of her death. This got the twitter account suspended and a lot of complaints to the domain registrar for GAB.

GAB requested that Anglin remove the meme as a breach of their Terms of Service. Outraged at this assault on the "free speech" the site promised, Anglin reposted more copies of it and urged supporters to do likewise. GAB revealed that their domain registrar had given them 48 hours to remove it or have the domain suspended. Anglin complied. GAB's version of the situation is here. It's likely that this is just the beginning of registrar woes for GAB and they are apparently looking for a new one. And although Anglin is making accommodating noises it seems likely that this is only the beginning of GABs troubles with him.

Cue a good deal of mirth about the situation at 4chan since GABs crowdfunding to provide a "free speech" social media platform, where speech has turned out to have limits, had always been regarded by some as a moneymaking scam. (A Jewish one needless to say :facepalm:).
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old wave
Why is a devout racist using the phrase 'n-word' to describe a racist slur?
Sarcasm I imagine.

Anglin is an extreme form of 4Chan's "doing it for lulz" troll culture. So critics are failing to see that he is only being "ironic"

The 'joke', of course, also being that sometimes he is and sometimes he isn't. This doesn't go down too well with the more serious-minded and humourless members of the Right since they can tell that they are also being trolled even if they can't always be sure when.

Anyhow GAB, which already limited the number of posts unregistered users could view, have now stopped displaying images to them. [ETA: actually it seems that it's only images tagged as NSFW which are not being shown] Presumably an attempt to delay Memegate part 2.

And Anglin has made a number of posts about Heather Heyer's mother including call's for her to be "held responsible" for how her daughter has "destroyed our freedoms". This looks like a call to increase the level of online abuse directed at her family.
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old wave
The Daily Stormer has unveiled a new top level domain address - this time Austrian.

Meanwhile alt-right blogger, science fiction author, gamergater and all round cunt "Vox Day" aka Theodore Beale, is engaging in an entertaining online grudge match with Anglin. He has posted extracts from a style guide written for Daily Stormer "staff members" which was allegedly posted by "Weev" in the members only section of his forum. Anglin has confirmed it's genuine.

In the following extracts I've redacted some racist and homophobic terms. The guide apparently contains lists of acceptable and unacceptable slurs (the mind boggles) but "Vox Day" hasn't reproduced these sections.

In the comments section under his blog post "Vox Day" quotes another extract of Anglin's operating philosophy

It's all put a little more succinctly by a pro-Anglin commenter who turns up to advertise the sites new domain name

Or as the style guide advises



old wave
This morning the Daily Stormer's Austrian domain name was suspended pending deletion by registrar Nic.at.

The domain had been set up to block IP addresses from Germany and Austria in an effort to evade Austrian laws banning the promotion of National Socialism. If I'm reading this Austrian news report correctly the registrar was able to react this swiftly because the site and domain name "dailystormer" (a play on the name of the anti-semitic pro-Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer) was itself judged to fall foul of the law.

Needless to say Andrew Anglin has a topical "ironic" take on the situation



old wave
Following the loss of the Austrian domain an interesting set of GAB posts by Andrew Anglin in response to other GAB users.

Does he really mean this, or is he preparing for (victorious!) failure but still hoping for (victorious!) success ? Either way it's an interesting change of tone.

Also another set of GAB posts outlining how the Jewish question and 'Primary Anti-Semitism' is central to his conception of the 'white revolution'. (I've spoilered these because this post is quite long enough as it is - sorry about that).

With Anglin it's a waste of time trying to definitively distinguish the tinsel of "irony" and "lulz" from the 'real tinsel' underneath, but FWIW this doesn't look like a "satire" of "stereotypes of racists" to me.


Keep an eye out for diamonds
Anglin runs a website (or at least, he did) that's called the Daily Stormer. Anyone who seriously thinks he's performing some kind of ironic satire in order to take the piss out of racists, has less brains than a mollusc.


old wave
The Daily Stormer now has an Icelandic domain.

Anglin speculates about the possibility of a domain registrar committed to "free speech" being set up to get round these issues and mentions that Andrew Torba the CEO of GAB is talking about this.


old wave
Don Black, founder and head cunt of Stormfront, posted this yesterday
We'll probably get the Stormfront.org domain back first of next week, without going to court.
No further details. Black had instructed lawyers to try to retrieve the domain name from registrar Network Solutions.

"Free speech" social media platform GAB has filed an anti-trust action against Google over its app being booted from the Play Store.

Gab is suing Google for allegedly violating antitrust laws - The Washington Post

In a statement, Google described the lawsuit as "baseless," and said it would defend its decision in court, if necessary. "In order to be on the Play Store, social networking apps need to demonstrate a sufficient level of moderation, including for content that encourages violence and advocates hate against groups of people," Google said.
The fact that demonstrating this is going to be an uphill battle for GAB is cruelly highlighted by the legal action which author, blogger and scumbag Vox Day has already begun to require GAB to disclose the identities of a number of it's users who made libelous statements about him.

This all began with an argument between Vox Day and Andrew Anglin about the nature of Nazism. Their respective supporters piled in to support them and some of Anglin's, coming from the no-holds barred 4chan school of debate, escalated beyond mere abuse to libel. After some initial to and fro GAB declined to remove the posts without a court order and then seemed unhappy when Vox Day began to seek one. The resulting bun fight, which has all played out in public, has included seemingly inconsistent statements from CEO Andrew Torba about whether or not GAB as a haven for "free speech" either has or should have a moderation policy. While simultaneously he has appeared to endorse the rights of users to tout for information for the stated purpose of doxing or swatting other people.

Whatever Andrew Anglin really thinks about GAB, he sees it's value as a means of letting people know where to find the Daily Stormer this week. So he has attempted to calm things down a little, but to no obvious effect.

Whether GAB has the resources to pursue legal action against Google and also fund a "free speech friendly" domain name registrar must be open to question.


old wave
All kicking off at GAB :

"Weev" posted this yesterday causing a good deal of debate about whether it was a good idea and whether the post itself broke the law

Today GAB deleted the post and suspended "Weev" - further alienating the "free speech" hardliners

and revealed their registrar has given them notice to quit

The Daily Stormers new Icelandic domain is currently failing to resolve although it's unclear if this is a glitch or an indication that something is up. [ETA: sadly it seems it was a glitch]
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Oh fucking hell... :facepalm:

This world is going deeper down the rabbit hole of bullshit fuckery. There are really no words to describe how crazy this whole ordeal is. Too many people drinking the Kool-Aid perhaps?


old wave
Gab have apparently moved their existing .ai domain name to another registrar.

CEO Andrew Torba was talking about the reseller nearlyfreespeech.net but it's not clear if that's who they have gone with.

Meanwhile a lot of unhappiness about "Weev"'s GAB account being suspended. He has written a long 'open letter to GAB investors' denouncing it as a scam.
In the initial wave of the site when Torba was building his userbase the sites’s frontpage title prominently displayed the text of the First Amendment. Now after they’ve swindled users of well over a million dollars it bills itself as an “ad-free” network. No longer free speech, just a bad Twitter knockoff with a really bad UI that for some reason you have to pay for.
His friend and colleague Andrew Anglin is still being critically 'supportive' of GAB but other "Weev" supporters are deliberately pushing the envelope of "free speech". As one example, in direct response to the post announcing "Weev"'s suspension this was posted by a GAB user (one who had been banned from the Daily Stormer BBS in the past for going too far) :

not long after posting these

No consequences have as yet followed so the moderation 'issues' concerning 'threats and terrorism' appear unresolved to say the least. The same account then reposted the Heather Heyer meme which GAB required Andrew Anglin to take down.

A number of people have closed their GAB accounts, including Vox Day, who is also suggesting GAB investors get out. However some of his supporters are still inside fighting a rearguard action.

GAB has clearly sustained damage to its "brand" within its target market.


old wave
The Daily Stormer is sufficiently confident of it's Icelandic domain that it has temporarily switched off access via TOR. It's thus very sad that connection via. the icelandic domain seems intermittantly flaky.

Anglin has posted a long editorial about how it's necessary to take things to the next level : political action.

It is Time for Phase Two of This Operation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2017

True confessions.

I am not actually a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist,” nor do I know what that is.

At some point, I decided that it would be advantageous to me to take on the insult of “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.”

However, it should be understood, clearly, that this is an insult, and nothing else.

I am aware that people have, at certain times in the history of the United States, dressed-up as Nazis. However, I have never done that, and I do not support doing that.

Furthermore, I am not aware of anyone currently doing that.

I have used a lot of Nazi memes. The reasoning for doing that is that I feel it is important to demystify the entire concept of “evil Nazis.” I believe that the only way to demystify this is by confronting it directly, which is why I have chosen to use a lot of Nazi related imagery with a lot of cartoonish meme imagery.

This has been incredibly successful. Though I do not take full credit for it personally, others of course also embraced this technique, but those of us who did it have largely abolished the concept of “evil Nazis” in the minds of a huge portion of the young white population. Everywhere you look on the internet you see people mocking the Jews, praising Hitler, and joking about the alleged Jewish Holocaust of the six million.

Ironic Nazism disguised as real Nazism disguised as ironic Nazism.

The success of this technique is why we were kicked off of the internet. We were gaining traction exponentially.

The entire Jewish house of cards is based upon the evil Hitler Nazi Holocaust narrative. That is the basis for the idea that whites are evil, and the idea that whites are evil is the basis for the idea that they do not deserve to have their own countries.

Some on the right have claimed that I believe we should be dressing up like Nazis and marching through the streets and demanding that the American flag be replaced with a Nazi flag. I have never made such a claim, and have in fact spoken adamantly against any plan to do this. However, I haven’t had to speak about it much, because no one anywhere really thinks this is a good idea.

As we are moving into a real world movement, however, it is necessary to make it clear – or, apparently it is necessary – that I do not support literal Neo-Nazism, in the sense of dressing up like Nazis, and have always actively discouraged that practice.

It is bizarre, but people on the right will use the same slurs against me as the Jewish media – “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.” Of course, I have labeled myself this, but I have done it in jest, and I have explained in detail that I have done it in jest and why I have done it in jest – it is designed to mock the people making the claim that anyone who stands up for white people’s rights – or refuses to believe the stupid lies about Hitler – dresses up in a Nazi uniform and marches through the streets.

Mostly, when we talk about people who do not understand that I am not advocating for this, we are dealing with boomers, many of whom just don’t understand ironic humor or perhaps just don’t understand the Dunning-Kruger Effect.


The most intelligent people do not automatically assume that they are the most intelligent people.

We are also probably dealing with a high and obvious degree of personal jealousy, given that surely, once I have explained it, even the the posterboys of Dunning-Kruger (no need to name names) should be able to understand what is going on here.

I am in fact the greatest person who understands that memes are not real life. In the world of the internet, being edgy and fun is cool.

In the real world, to be cool you have to be A E S T H E T I C.

You cannot have an ironic real world political movement.

In a real world political movement, sexiness is the key. You need men who are in good shape, who act confident and who hot women want to fuck. A few nerds are okay, but you don’t want to be defined by your nerds.

The Plan

My plan was always to be the guy who pushes the envelope and allows for more presentable figures to have room to maneuver. This was the plan from the start.

Three phases.


We create the hardest core of all – relying on satire and a mockery of the media image of the “WHITE SUPREMACIST NEO-NAZI” in order to create an ironic boogieman that was taken by the Jews to be a real boogieman and which was also a real boogieman hiding behind a mask of irony.

The intellectual elite is capable of grasping the higher level of what I am doing while the angry young man grasps it on a more visceral level.

We form a core of the hardcore.


Others who have the same ideas come in and present them in a much more polished fashion, and lead an on the ground political movement.

The program is then palatable to a wider mass of “normies,” while we maintain the hardcore base for organization.

We then enter politics under this polished format.


We eventually become the establishment.

My Weird Position

Basically, we have done our part.

The groundwork has been laid.

We can now begin real life political organization under more polished political leadership.

But here’s the thing: no such polished political leadership exists. In my mind, I had imagined that it would just come about naturally. That there would be people who would rise to the top and be ready to do the on the ground organization.

Instead, the people who pretend they are capable of fulfilling that role are instead attacking “NEO-NAZI WHITE SUPREMACISTS,” and claiming that the movement has failed because it is now too popular. Or something. I don’t know.

At this point, I feel that I must myself begin trying to create a platform to attempt to mainstream the Alt-Right as a real political movement.

So, it’s something that I am going to try to write more about. It should probably be done on a separate site. But I can’t even keep one site online, so…
Substance vs. Presentation

All of the core ideas presented on the Daily Stormer are exactly correct.

However, as stated, the presentation of the ideas exists to serve a specific purpose. An alternate way of presenting these same ideas must now be developed.

So to be clear, when I talk about “polished leadership,” I am not talking about Jared Taylor’s “Jews look huwhyte to me.” I am simply talking about not talking about “filthy n***** apes” and “Christ-killing k****” when you go on TV or give speeches at political rallies. Race and Jewish influence need to be directly addressed, just with a different tone for a wider and less intelligent audience.

It isn’t that complicated.

The Time is Now

This is clear: the Charlottesville – the fact that we were able to get thousands of guys on the street in one place – and the subsequent shuttening – signaled that the groundwork has been laid. We now need to move into the real world, in a big way, and start to become a real political force of millions of people.

It is important still that DS continue doing what it is doing, but I am going to start trying to get guys on the ground organized as well. This is necessary. The time is now.

If you’re not in a DS Book Club, get in one. Start to get together. And get ready for phase two of this operation.

Presumably this is a response to the fact that a lot of his supporters see taking 'things to the next level' as involving increasingly un-ironic calls to "kill jews". It seems a little optimistic to imagine they will take to Anglin's conceptions with the same enthusiasm.
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Icelandic news site The Reykjavik Grapevine reports that ISNIC the top level registrar for .is domains is "exploring options" regarding The Daily Stormer.

Grapevine spoke with ISNIC CEO Jens Pétur Jensen about the matter. “What we are doing right now, in this particular situation, is we are writing to the National Police,” Jens told us. “We are asking them if or how we should respond and asking them for guidance.”
One of the reasons why this matters is because Iceland does have hate speech laws; specifically, Article 233(a) of the Icelandic Penal Code specifically forbids the dissemination of speech that in “a ridiculing, slanderous, insulting, threatening or any other manner” targets an individual or groups based, amongst other things, on their race or religion.
Also interestingly :
Another operation that ISNIC has done is asked the registrant – in this case, Anglin himself – to correct his registration, by providing proof of his identity in the form of legal documents. He has one week to do this, otherwise the domain will be closed.
“He has to provide ISNIC with legal documents of his being,” Jens says. “This is something all registries can do, but it has nothing to do with the content. It only has to do with the registration itself. If [Anglin] doesn’t reveal himself and prove his being, we will close his access to the domain. After two weeks, the domain itself will be moved from the DNS that is hosting it now onto the ISNIC’s parking site. It will be unable to connect to any DNS server whatsoever, and it will automatically expire. We wouldn’t be taking the domain from him; we would just not enable him to renew it.”
Anglin may be reluctant to comply with any request to supply contact details since he is evading being served with legal papers by various people including SPLC lawyers acting for Tanya Gersh, a Jewish estate agent whose family was targetted for abuse after she became briefly involved with the possible sale of a house belonging to Richard Spencer's mother. (Gersh's account of what followed at that link).
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Icelandic news site The Reykjavik Grapevine reports that ISNIC the top level registrar for .is domains is "exploring options" regarding The Daily Stormer.

Also interestingly :

Anglin may be reluctant to comply with any request to supply contact details since he is evading being served with legal papers by various people including SPLC lawyers acting for Tanya Gersh, a Jewish estate agent whose family was targetted for abuse after she became briefly involved with the possible sale of a house belonging to Richard Spencer's mother. (Gersh's account of what followed at that link).
That makes what the Icelandic registrar has done rather a neat move :). It might be "accidental", but I rather like the idea that a perfectly reasonable administrative process, which should not in the normal run of things be seen as unreasonable, might be problematic to someone who is attempting to hide behind anonymity in order to evade the consequences of his exercise of free (hate) speech elsewhere. I'm sure it may have all kinds of ramifications for the principle of free speech, but it does feel like a nice bit of poetic justice!


old wave
Don Black of Stormfront posted a couple of updates yesterday about the domain name and the financial situation
Network Solutions had sent an undated letter from their lawyer in Canada indicating they would release the domain once we had "complied" and moved to another registrar. Problem is, we can't move, because they have our domain locked. So far, they haven't responded to my requests. I will call their lawyer today.
Now, this is the the bad news. I'm looking at our bank account. With a website most people already consider dead, and without having been able to accept credit cards for the past two months, we have only $633 in the bank. We must get at least $1200 in the bank today to pay Rense Radio (we're already late) and a small server bill, We have about $170 in contributions sent to our PO Box, so my wife and I will need to come up with the difference to keep the radio show going another month, which we will. The show generates most of our contributions now.
Our big, scary bills hit the first part of next month. We must come up with at least $2000 in ten days. With our board mostly disabled, our server bills are the same. Judging from the current levels of contributions, I think we won't come close, and my wife and I can no longer afford the difference, so SF will indeed be dead as we know it.

Even if we got our domain back today, and we may be able to use Hatreon for credit card contributions soon, it would take a while to regain our audience.
I'm hoping to keep the radio show going, probably reducing it to one hour, thus decreasing our expenses by half, and using the small server to run a limited access board. Also downgrading our Cloudflare account. But even that will probably be a struggle.

I'll also need to refund many of those who aren't attending our conference. And there will be legal expenses, particularly if we go to trial, though we'll get damages and attorney fees if we win. But that will take a while.
While it's perfectly conceivable that the financial problems can be overcome in the short term through donations, this does emphasise what a shoestring operation it is.

The Stormfront radio show is currently two hours on weekday mornings. The most recent episodes are archived online. Older episodes were taken offline when a 'cease and desist' letter was received earlier this month from the rights holder to the Johnny Cash song previously used as a opening theme.

(The show is quite remarkably dull, reflecting the lack of charisma of it's three regular presenters. The actual content in any given episode could probably fit into a quarter of the time or less. There is an immense gulf between the communication skills on display as compared to sections of the alt-right. That said Stormfront represents a section of the extreme right which is immune to fashion and, unlike much of the current alt-right, is more likely to persist long term in one form or another, even if not through Stormfront itself).

Later Black confirmed that Network Solutions had agreed to unlock the domain name so it could be transferred
Talked to Network Solutions' lawyer about three hours ago. After routinely verifying my identity and whois informatiion, he said he would unlock our domain, so we could move it. He was fairly friendly after that.

But Network Solutions hasn't done it yet.
The Stormfront message board is currently being visited by about 100 members a day, a significant reduction on numbers from before the domain was suspended.


old wave
According to (English language) Iceland Magazine (quoting non-English language Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið), the Icelandic domain registry ISNIC is meeting the countries National Commissioner of Police today (Wednesday) to discuss the Daily Stormer.
Jens Pétur Jensen, the manager of ISNIC, the Icelandic domain name registry, told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið that the company will not cancel the registration of the Daily Stormer on its own. The reason is that ISNIC is not a registrar, but only a registry. The company therefore cannot as easily remove material from the web, its manager told Morgnublaðið.
However, ISNIC and the National Commissioner of the Police will meet tomorrow, Wednesday, to discuss how best to respond to the registration. Jens Pétur Jensen, the manager of ISNIC told Morgunblaðið that the Neo Nazi website has damaged the image of the Icelandic domain .is, and that ISNIC has received a number of complaints and cancellations of service from foreign companies and individuals who had registered their domains in Iceland.
ISNIC has only once cancelled a registration for an Icelandic domain name. In 2014 two sites linked to the so-called Islamic State ISIS were closed by ISNIC.
On that occasion ISNIC were quoted as stating that the domains were closed for business reasons, to protect the reputation of the .is domain. However ISNIC's lawyer also
referred to the company’s domain registration rules, which state that “the right holder is responsible that the usage of the domain is in accordance with current law and regulation.”
It looks as if in the case of the Stormer ISNIC are seeking guidance about whether its content breaches Icelands Penal Code before making a decision.


old wave
Icelandic news site, the Reykjavic Grapevine reports that ISNIC have decided to boot off the Daily Stormer, effective 4.00pm today Icelandic time.
Jens Pétur Jensen, the CEO of ISNIC, the registry company for .is domains, told Grapevine that he has met with police on the matter.
Daily Stormer is not hosted in Iceland, but in the US. It is for this reason that Iceland’s hate speech laws cannot be enforced to shut down the website. A registered domain can be likened to an address which merely points to a site’s IP. However, ISNIC does have terms of service, and it is through these terms that the site may lose its .is domain.
“Our terms of service are very clear,” Jens told us. “All registrants must provide proof of who they are, and where they are physically located. [Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin] doesn’t want to do that.”
Andrew reportedly told Jens that he would not provide this information as he is concerned that Jens would in turn give this information to the Icelandic police, who may then give it to law enforcement in the United States. Jens confirmed that he would in fact do exactly that.
Anglin's public response to the suggestion that “He has to provide ISNIC with legal documents of his being” was :
Oh I’ll prove my being, alright.

I can promise you that.

I’ll prove my being a straight-up gangsta who doesn’t give a fuck.
The domain still resolves for me as I post this (it will take a while for the change to propagate and for caches to empty), however a WHOIS search shows the domain is currently 'On Hold' and subject to a 'Registry-Lock'.
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old wave


However as one door closes. . . Stormfront have got their original domain name back, have successfully transferred it and as of yesterday afternoon are fully open again.

Their annual conference is also due to take place this weekend in Crossville, Tennessee.

Stormfront white supremacist summit heads to Crossville this weekend - Knoxville News Sentinel

During the period of domain downtime Don Black cancelled the event and is refunding registration fees. Another 'prominent white supremacist' Billy Roper took it over, made attendance free and gave out an email address for people to get location details.
"We wanted to actually make this more of an activist-oriented conference and get a younger audience," Roper said, adding that the conference would feature lectures on activism, running for local office and using the Internet to dig up personal details about "adversaries and allies."
Perhaps that "using the internet session" might profitably include some advice on not giving out an email address for anyone to get conference details and as a result emailing them out to your opponents.
The group plans to meet Friday night at the Beef and Barrel Restaurant and Lounge in Crossville.
Bruce Cannon, the restaurant owner, wrote on the restaurant's Facebook page about the event.

"We serve the public at our will and we do not discriminate against anyone's religious racial or sexual preferences," Cannon wrote. "We do not ask nor are we allowed to ask and discriminate service based on any of these our policy is to serve our guests regardless as long as they respect our fellow customers, staff and business."
Later Friday, the restaurant ultimately cancelled the group's reservation after a series of negative online reviews.
The conference was then due to reconvene today (Saturday) at Cumberland Mountain State Park.
Eric Ward, spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, said parks do not ask for the reason for a reservation when an application is made.
Friday he said TDEC had not confirmed whether the event was taking place or not, despite talking with local law enforcement agencies. He said no one has applied for the demonstration permit required by state park rules.

Our Search For A Secret White Supremacist Meeting In A Tennessee Forest - Guffington Post
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