White Hart pub and the Empress of France

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  1. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    Yesterday, looking for a bite to eat I stopped at a pub in Machen called the White Hart. I pulled into the car aprk and wondered if it was even open, looked very run down.

    I opened the front door and found myself looking down a long corridor and thought I had walked onto the Titanic. The corridor was long, curved like a ship and clad with wonderful, if tatty, pale wood panelling.

    When I walked in to the bar that too was clad in a different panelling, probably oak and I commented that it was like a ship. The only customer in the bar told me that the wood was indeed from a ship and that there was photo of her on the wall. The landlord went in to tell me that the ship was scrapped in 1961 in Newport and the owner of the pub at the time had salvaged some of the panelling, and that he had actually used it in 3 pubs that he owned. One of these was the New Inn near Chepstow, but the wood has already been removed from there. He aslo believe there was a pub in Cardiff or Barry where it was used and he thought it was called the Plymouth Arms.


    I am now trying to track down as much as I can about this ship.

    The Plymouth Arms in Cardiff is long gone so i dont know if that was the right pub. And I doint think its the Plymouth in St.Fagans. I have discovered that the Barry Hotel in barry saved an entire room from the ship, but that now has been converted to apartments so I dont know if it was saved or not.

    I have managed to track down one of her lifeboats in Norfolk-not bad for 5 hours work last night.

    Another pub that has been mentioned as having wood salvaged from a ship is the Royal George on Cryws Road, can anyone confirm this. If anybody in Cardiff or more likely Newport knows anything please speak up. I guess there maybe artefacts from the ship still in Newport in collections or just gathering dust. If anyone knows of anything or sees anything for sale in local antique/junk shops please get in touch. Typically items from the ship will have the flag of C&P on them like this.
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  2. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    The Plymouth became the Desi a few years back and a couple of Lithuanian lads (Titus and Bitus as we knew them) were looking after it for the owner from London. We showed them what bonfire night was about by taking them over the mall and shoulder launching rockets at passing cop cars. Crazy times. It was closed about 3 years back, knocked down and is now flats. From my hazy memories of those days I'm pretty sure it did have wood paneling.
  3. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    I think that was probably the right oub, wonder what happened to it? bet it got detroyed with the poub, Might just try the architectural salvge giys ariund Cardiff as they might have a lead on if it was taken out.
  4. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    Titus and Bitus were supposed to be doing it up to rent out rooms for visiting labourers, but I think they gave it up as a lost cause and sold it on before it got knocked down
  5. bendeus

    bendeus Bellend Tagline Generator

    The Old Swan in Llantwit Major contains both a (small calibre) cannon barrel (used as an upright pillar) and a mainmast (used as a crossbeam) from one of Nelson's fleet at the battle of Trafalgar. Apparently it was fairly commonplace - the materials went cheap when the ships were broken up due to age or to the shift to ironclads.
  6. Anthemion

    Anthemion New Member

    Hi, for those interested some of the items from the White Hart in Machen and formerly the Empress of France, including some of the oak panelling, chairs, pub tables etc are coming up for auction at Anthemion Auctions in Cardiff on Wednesday 1st February 2017.
  7. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    Thanks. I didn't think it would be long before the pub closed, but i have found more relics from the France in a restaurant in Sully!

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