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Which player would you choose for your club from Euro 2008


The Red Baron
You win the Euro lottery after a series of rollovers and have an almost unlimited amount of cash to spend on just one player for your club. Who would you choose and why?

(Atm I'm trying to choose between Arshavin, Hamit Altintorp and Engelaar...the club is Arsenal)

Phenotypic Dai

The girdle of Venus
Van Der Vaart.

Pulling the strings and feeding the front. Class all the way.

Surprised he's still in Germany after such an exciting youth. That said, he did put on about 3 stone during his time at Ajax.

Learnt the hard way. Bound to move this summer.


K-5 You -0
I think Ronaldo could get about 100 during a season in League 1 and would solve Orient's problems down the right flank quite nicely. Bearing in mind his proven record of scoring a fucklot of goals in the English game and being player of the year back to back, how come he isn't featuring for you guys?