Where should Swansea's new railway station go?

Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by editor, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. editor

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    An interesting conundrum here:


    The tricky question of a new Swansea railway station and where it should go
  2. editor

    editor hiraethified

    And then there's this proposal:

  3. davesgcr

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    As a starter , Felindre - served by a new Carmarthen - Cheltenham via Llanelli and the Swansea District line. Hourly peak , 2 hourly off peak (the CHM exists as a Maesteg service east of Bridgend in any case) - this would be a decent M4 corridor service enhancement. (the Maesteg service could be linked through to Ebbw Vale as was originally planned)

    An hourly Llanelli - Port Talbot local service. (all stations)

    All of this can be done for simple station works , a bit of timetabling and a small amount of rolling stock. Easy really. Persuading TfW to spend a bit of money might be the hard bit. About time that Swansea got some enhancement to a generally poor commuter offer.
  4. planetgeli

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    Slightly worried how TfW could misinterpret your words here and commit to a service from Llanelli to Port Talbot (22 miles) that takes one hour, like the existing Swansea to Carmarthen line.
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  6. davesgcr

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    The idea is you run a direct Carmarthen - (or from further back in West Wales) - avoiding Swansea by going over the direct Swansea District line , giving faster links obviously than the tedious reverse via High Street- and to ensure there is no loss of connectivity you run a Llanelli - Swansea - Port Talbot calling all stations. Preferably connecting out of the longer distance services.

    When I worked on strategic train planning etc , we made it that there is the ability in the replaced signalling (about 12 years ago) - to allow trains to reverse from the West at Port Talbot Parkway - to give the options for a cross Swansea local. (could not be done before)

    Too much detail probably , for which I apologise. Looking for market and access solutions , not anorakism.
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    There's also a lingering slither of hope that the Vale of Neath line might be reopened, providing an emergency Cardiff - Swansea route. Most of the line is still there but it's unlikely to happen, I fear.
  8. davesgcr

    davesgcr Reading books

    There is a lingering hope for some local coal traffic which keeps the route going , trust me , when I had some input in work , I did my best to push this one.

    Hit the jackpot towards Cardiff though with Ebbw Vale and the Vale , minor successes in Wales's second city being limited to the PT turnback and the important redoubling in the Gowerton area. At least there is some "interest" in West of Bridgend and the Swansea - West Wales area. More to do.
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