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Where are you on the transport network?

danny la rouge

Raddled old poet
IMG_1626.JPG I'm at Tebay service (southbound) on the M6.

Traffic moderate. Weather fair but windy.

These are my favourite motorway services. There's none anywhere in these islands to compare, in my view. (Though if we include A roads, the Ralia reststop on the A9 beats it for scenery and food).

danny la rouge

Raddled old poet
it's a bank holiday weekend. i am avoiding the transport network. there is an absence of traffic in my front room, and i'm sure there is some weather out there.

have fun.

I'm picking up Mrs LR from a sudden visit to her mother (who is ill). I was planning to return tomorrow but am returning later today to avoid tomorrow's traffic.

It's a 600 mile round trip. I'm hopped up on double espressos.


Cut off from the rest of the country as in order to bring us crossrail TFL have decided to shut down our perfectly good (in fact brilliant) railway for every fucking bank holiday weekend this year. :mad:


High Empress of Dressing Up
I'm a few feet away from where the signal box of upper Sydenham station used to be.

Unfortunately the station was decommissioned In 1954 due to dwindling numbers that never recovered from the diminishing popularity of Crystal Palace as a tourist attraction, and the high level line of the South Estern and Chatham railway through this part of the world no longer exists.

On the plus side, they wouldn't have built my estate if they hadn't closed the station, so...


Not a Girly Swot, but I like them....
Another vote for tebay...

Gloucester services are run by the same people who own tebay and it shows.

The Services at Abington on the M74 used to be really good - the food was at tebay standard, and it has a Burger King for hurried eating - but the food has degraded to standard motorway services level...

danny la rouge - massive big ups fella, I often do a similar trip (Worcester - Glasgow - Worcester) and I could never do up and back in one day. I regularly go up to Glasgow really early, spend the day and then drive down to Carlisle or Penrith and stay the night, but I'm shagged out by then...


The southbound side is better IMO (you can drive out by the hotel onto a local road and swap sides :thumbs:)

I'm back home now, but I was parked here earlier (just to the left of this shot):

My car looked slightly out of place :D
What were you doing, delivering sandwiches to Field Marshal Haig and his staff as they planned the next big offensive?