When did people stop commemorating the Napoleonic Wars?

Discussion in 'theory, philosophy & history' started by Slo-mo, Mar 2, 2018.

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    every Battery i've ever served with has had trophies from the Napolionic Wars - one has a complete set of Silver plate, cutley, and crystal glasses and decanters it captured from a French Cavalry Regiment that charged the gun line, inadvisedly, and its used on special occasions every year. some of the dodgier Scottish Regiments still toast the Jacobite Kings in exile, and one of the posh Cavalry Regiments still has a wine cellar it liberated from a French Infantry Regiments HQ after it became surplus to requirements. its probably worth half the Defence budget...

    pretty much every town in Worcestershire has a street or park named for the battle of Gheluvelt of October 1914 - the 2nd Bn, The Worcestershire Regiment managed to plug a catastrophic hole in the line at the First Battle of Ypres and came to the salvation of 1st Bn, The South Wales Borderers, but suffered more than 50% casualties in 2 hours. every time a child asks 'whats that word?', they discover and almost universally commemerate - and unless the names of the streets and parks are changed, that will continue forever.
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    Interesting. Maybe they felt guilty for shooting dead striking Llanelli railway workers three years earlier.

    Llanelli riots of 1911 - Wikipedia
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    The point of both being that there are ongoing political issues related to the wars, rather than commemoration of the wars happening randomly for some other reason. Commemoration of southern war heroes is to reinforce racism.
  4. Poi E

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    I'll wear a poppy for all the Afghans killed by UK and US forces.
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    And what will you wear for the Afghans killed by the Taliban, and the Pakistanis, and Russians - or is your mourning for the innocent very perpetrator specific?
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    dylanredefined Not a house elf a tiger

    Bloody Norwegians getting away with it again.:mad:

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