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What's for tea tonight? (#8)

May Kasahara

give me something to sing about
I dunno but I'm fucking hungry. Really want junk food and beer but not sure I cba to drag the kids home via the shop. What to do :hmm:


can't remember what goes here
Strange combo of miso soup/dumplings/tatsoi with the other melting middle fishcake which I'd forgotten had to be eaten today.


makes George Orwell look like a dalek
Baked beans with loads of hot sauce mixed in to disguise the fact they'd started going off, and mushrooms, on top of a pancake made from dodgy-smelling sourdough I didn't want to bin and sour milk. Tasted pretty good for what was basically just a big plate of various types of mould :thumbs:


Tired & Emulsional...
Last night I did a meal based on stuff that was reduced in Iceland and stuff we had that needed using up - salt & pepper seafood (it was alright but a lot of faff for what it was), stir fried garlic mushrooms and broccoli, and egg fried rice.

Tonight I am using the rest of the seafood and probably making a paella type deal


Where's me readers?
If himself hasn't had beanz for lunch, we'll be on cheesy baked spudz and beanz.

If he did gannet on them, we'll be on spinach and ricotta tortellini in passata/oregano/garlic sauce, with salad and garlic bread.

Tesco's own fruit and nut choccy for afters.