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What's for tea tonight? (#8)


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Been having homemade stews a fair bit recently.
It's just easier to make a hige batch and eat it over the course of a week. I don't put much meat in...and I load in the veg. For variety tonight I had some potato croquettes with the stew.
And I am still getting through the gluten free Christmas cake. I'm the only person eating it...so it will be on the menu for the next 2 weeks. At least. :D


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It’s the one year anniversary of my dad dying so in his honour I had a Chinese and ordered all the things we had when we used to get a takeaway together: chicken and sweetcorn soup, crispy duck and pancakes, lemon chicken and chicken fried rice. It’ll never be the same eating a Chinese without him but I will never not think of him when I have one. Silly man, buggering off the way he did and far too soon before he should have done. <3


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Yep. I use this recipe which is a piece of piss and delicious. I double the chilli but I like it spicy.

Tidy :cool:

I have fond memories of my very first visits to places like Pudsey, Leeds and Bradford in the 80's which always involved shami kebab, keema madras and 3 chapati :) I still order the same when I go back now.


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In Manchester (near Piccadilly) for work tonight. Could find an interesting independent restaurant and enjoy a meal in another city. Perhaps some sort of #martisan bistro with an inspiring cocktail list and food served on a coal shovel.

Reality will probably be a McDonald's or supermarket sandwich washed down with a cheap bottle of wine in a small hotel room.