What's for tea tonight? (#8)

Discussion in 'suburban75' started by aqua, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. moonsi til

    moonsi til worked it out now!

    Going out to eat at a veggie place. Love it when the entire menu is for me. It’s a special offer of 50% off so will have 3 courses for £15.

    And a large glass of red.
  2. NoXion

    NoXion It's been 600 years...

    Leftover beef bolognese sauce reheated and mixed in with some freshly cooked spaghetti.

    Tucking into it made me realise just how damn hungry I am. I'm pretty damn good at distracting myself from hunger, even when I have money I sometimes end up putting off having something to eat. That said, three weeks on a frugal diet has not been especially fun.
  3. moose

    moose like some cat from Japan

    Felafel, salad and humous in flat bread with spicy carrot soup. Little vegan ice cream on a stick.
  4. 8115

    8115 sitting down is bad for you

    Garlic, onion and herb cheese, kalamata olives, toast and jam.

    I am having a lot of this kind of dinner at the moment as I'm writing an essay, back to cookery next week.
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  5. RubyToogood

    RubyToogood can't remember what goes here

    Baked potato with garlic and herb cream cheese, kale, smoked sausage. I seem to have gone full on carnivore lately, what's wrong with me?
  6. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Sparkly cat whisperer

    I made a big garlicky lentil and oyster mushroom soup topped with a bit of cheese loads fresh rocket on top. FIT.
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  7. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Posh Indian with some mates at The Red Fort in Soho :cool:
  8. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

    Swimming tonight. Not sure what takeaway I fancy yet though. Perhaps a curry.

    Blackberry and apple crumble and cream for afters though.
  9. dolly's gal

    dolly's gal killing things

    cuzza sounds lush. i am well jel of this.

    think we'll be using up fridge stock and having tomato and mozzarella salad, pesto pasta and there's some kind of char-grilled veg pizza in there too :)
  10. seeformiles

    seeformiles Lost in the wood

    I’ve just made a lasagne-type creation using unfried poppodums and veg instead of lasagne sheets, leftovers from 3 other meals for the different layers and a cheese sauce. Should be interesting :)
  11. dolly's gal

    dolly's gal killing things

    ^^^^ pics plz :cool:
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  12. PursuedByBears

    PursuedByBears Go stick your head in a pig

    I think we're having a thick minestrone soup tonight (somewhere between soup and stew) and then I'm off out to see the Lovely Eggs play their annual hometown gig before their tour starts tomorrow :cool:
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  13. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

    2 x (home made) cheese burger and a beer (s)
  14. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

    Hey you - lovely to see you posting here again :)

    Your tea doesn't sound too sniffy either missus!
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  15. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

    Mmmm stoup! :) I make those all the time - hate it when people blend the crap out of soup so it's just smooth and boring. I like big chunky soups that are like stews - stoup!

    Lovely Eggs too? Sounds like a fab night :cool:
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  16. PursuedByBears

    PursuedByBears Go stick your head in a pig

    Shame it's Thursday not Friday though, will have to be restrained tonight!
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  17. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

    No bad thing. I've shelled out a fortune in my life on gigs I can't fucking remember :D
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  18. seeformiles

    seeformiles Lost in the wood

    Haven’t baked it yet as Mrs SFM is working late this eve but you can just about see the layers which include:

    Chicken curry
    Chilli con carne
    Veg stir fry
    Beetroot salad

    Probably a marriage made in hell but gotta roll the culinary dice every now and again

    * edited to say that it tastes great! :thumbs:
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  19. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Sweetcorn, Seagulls and Wasps are Brilliant!

    Veg bake from Marks.
  20. pogo 10

    pogo 10 Well-Known Member

    Caramellised onion and cheddar quiche, mushrooms, seeds, onion and pepper. A strawberry muller corner.
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  21. blairsh

    blairsh Kip

    Fuck knows. Had to get a cake in the oven before tea and still wating for it to be done, not sure i can be fucked to do anything so having a big rum and coke :)
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  22. Cheesypoof

    Cheesypoof Fuck off Noddy Banned

    Shop bought shepherds pie from the butchers. It's really nice and i'm looking forward to it. With some beans, I think.
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  23. Biddlybee

    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    Double yolk poached egg with two potato waffles :oops:
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  24. seeformiles

    seeformiles Lost in the wood

    Cocktail hour - mandatory on a Thursday ;)
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  25. blairsh

    blairsh Kip

    I'm fucked mate. Bag of aldi hoolahoops, basically.
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  26. RubyToogood

    RubyToogood can't remember what goes here

    CBA to cook night again. Tofu and mixed veg stir fry, egg fried rice, spring rolls.
  27. seeformiles

    seeformiles Lost in the wood

    We’re on gin and lime as an after dinner drink - just as well I made dinner earlier :)
  28. blairsh

    blairsh Kip

    I had to bake befoer considering tea, that was my problem.

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  29. seeformiles

    seeformiles Lost in the wood

    Amen! :)
  30. sheothebudworths

    sheothebudworths Up the bum - no babies!!!

    Tuesday I had two pain au chocolates on the way back from a funeral (after eating the first two on the way and lots of wine in between), then got in and burst into tears so the kids heated up the dregs of some lentil and bacon soup and made me a slice of toast with salad cream and a plastic cheese slice <3 :cool:
    Yesterday we had hot seeded flatbreads - one with crispy soy pork and mayo and one with mature cheddar and onion and baby plum tomatoes on the side, then Snickers for pudding.
    Fast day today - pea and bacon soup, made with some stock from a hickory smoked pork shoulder I made a couple of weeks ago. Kids had toast, too. Pears and chocolate raisins for pudding.

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