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What's for tea tonight? (#8)

Discussion in 'suburban75' started by aqua, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Well-Known Member

    It's even better with unripe mango cos then you get the sour taste too. If it's too sour you can add a little sugar :)
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  2. Rebelda

    Rebelda Gas Mark 4 on the Lovely Oven

    Rice and moong dal. So so good, I could eat the whole panful. Almond milk salted caramel ice cream for after.
  3. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

    Cor mango - I need to get some of that too! Had it for the first time last year and mmmmm it is spot fucking on in this heat.

    Anyway, we are having potato salad (no chives or spring onions - couldn't find any round here or where I live), with sliced red onion and rocket mixed in instead. Will make a cheesy homelette to go with, tomato salad, and green salad.

    Magnums for afters.
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  4. neonwilderness

    neonwilderness What would Badgers do?

    Cold beer and something from the pub (considering a burger or fish and chips) :thumbs:

    Just as soon as I can be arsed to get changed and walk back into town :hmm:
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  5. BoatieBird

    BoatieBird Well-Known Member

    Lamb steaks cooked on the BBQ.
    Potato salad, foiled baked asparagus with loads of butter, salad.
  6. colacubes

    colacubes Well-Known Member

    Lamb steaks here too with new potatoes (from the garden :cool:) and carrots.
  7. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow daft apeth

    Vat of couscous with chilli, basil, oregano, sweetcorn, spinach and tomatoes.
  8. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    bacon and bean gratin
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  9. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Well-Known Member

    Filled pasta with pesto and garlicky nreadt
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  10. moonsi til

    moonsi til worked it out now!

    Really struggled with tonight's dinner. Settled on veggie fish fingers, oven chips & salad.

    First time having the fishless fingers.
  11. UnderAnOpenSky

    UnderAnOpenSky baseline neural therapy

    I'm back at work and cooked toad in the hole. I think I've eaten to much and with the heat I've gone totally sluggish. I still have several more hours left to do.
  12. RubyToogood

    RubyToogood can't remember what goes here

    This again basically but with different greenery and some griddled peppers. Yesterday's crop of sunberries went in the freezer so they might get turned into magic ice cream.
  13. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Sproutarian.

    Stir-fry onion, garlic, broccoli, mushrooms, pepper, grated carrot, sprouted mung beans, shoyu, tahini - all washed down with Aldi's very wonderful "Terasses du Larzac" 2015.
    The slightly richer food I'm eating now can easily take the fullness of this wine.

    I think the next stage is adding thyme and sage - I will try to pick up some plants this weekend. I may even stick some basil plants in my bathroom hydro tank :)

    Last edited: Jun 20, 2017
  14. mrsfran

    mrsfran Slightly less bulbous

    Not only did I make the dough for this, I made the goddamn mozzarella. Yas bitches, I'm a cheesemaker.

    Last edited: Jun 20, 2017
  15. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    And blessed are you
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  16. moose

    moose like some cat from Japan

    Veggie sausage rolls, roast spuds, roasted vegetables. What kind of maniac buys a tea that needs an oven at 230˚ for half an hour? :mad:
  17. Rebelda

    Rebelda Gas Mark 4 on the Lovely Oven

    Red pepper, scotch bonnet, mushroom and paprika omelette. Salad. Then some ham and olives a bit later.
  18. purenarcotic

    purenarcotic Conveniently Pocket Sized

    Chicken drumsticks and salad. Discovering that fan ovens cook ridiculously fast.
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  19. UnderAnOpenSky

    UnderAnOpenSky baseline neural therapy

    That's bloody impressive skilz :cool:

    And with pineapple. :D
  20. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    I did an enormous macaroni cheese with mushrooms cooked in the sauce and cherry tomatoes on the top, with steamed broccoli.

    Tonight I am having tea cooked for me - pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella.
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  21. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    pancetta and parmesan risotto
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  22. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

    Are you not cooked through eating risotto in this heat OU?!

    Then again, we're on pasta in tomato and chilli sauce tonight, with black olives and feta mixed in. Will have salad with it though.

    Magnums nomnom for afters :thumbs:
  23. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    No. Never understood why you're supposed to eat cold food when it's hot.
    It's not very hot today anyway
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  24. Looby

    Looby Well-Known Member

    I don't mind eating hot food, I just don't want to cook it.

    It's ridiculously hot here today, I'm melting at work. 29 at the moment.
    No idea what to eat tonight, I've got mince to use but I'm not making chill or bolognese in this weather. I quite fancy a cheese and beetroot baguette.
  25. Rebelda

    Rebelda Gas Mark 4 on the Lovely Oven

    I think I'm going to stir fry a load of veg and some turkey steak.

    I might offer chips and nuggets to the small and avoid the kitchen while the oven's on.
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  26. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow daft apeth

    Final remnants of the veg couscous with a jar of tomatoes in oil.
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  27. Voley

    Voley If you're happy and you know it, fuck off.

    I'm having a Chicken Madras. :cool: Ben and Jerry's Cookie dough ice cream after mind.
  28. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Well-Known Member

    Cheese bap and unsatisfying salad :(
  29. pogo 10

    pogo 10 Well-Known Member

    Pepper, courgette, mushroom, leek and spinach omelette. A banana for puddo.
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  30. Looby

    Looby Well-Known Member

    Which is exactly what I had, with crisps. Mr Looby had Mexicana cheese and salami.

    Magnums later.
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