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What's for tea tonight? (#8)


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Gnocchi, baked in tomato and chilli sauce, browned on top with parmesan. With a salad. And I can hear raspberry ripple being spooned into bowls.


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New thread! :cool:

Vietnamese pot-roasted chicken for me, except it's actually going to be guinea fowl cos they were half price at Tescos last week. It's been sitting over night with a coriander/turmeric/garlic/ginger/lime/chilli paste smeared under/over it's skin and will be cooked in it's pot with some beer :hmm: chicken stock, fish sauce and palm sugar. Going to do rice and french beans* to go with it.

*After eating nothing but pak choi for weeks, I'm between crops atm, just when I could have done with some. :facepalm:


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Last night I made a roast lamb half shoulder with cumin, corriander and cinnamon rub with roast baby new potatoes with roast red onion, feta and parsley (will definitely be doing that again!) and tenderstem broccoli. Then raspberries and blackberries with home made meringues and cream for pud.

Tonight 3 friends are coming over so as long as the weather holds it'll be Bbq wild boar sausages with asparagus and sweetcorn on the BBQ too and some baby jersey royals in parsley butter with more meringues, cream and fruit for pud.


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I've got loads of beef left over so I'm going to do a beef curry if I can find a nice recipe.


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I'll make some veggie rice or veggie couscous to go with them too I think.

I was in the mood to cook at the weekend and I made a lemon tart (made the pastry myself too!), I'm really hoping there will be a little bit left when I get home so I can have it for pud. I get in about 2 hours later than the boys tonight so the odds of this happening are probably about 50/1


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Yesterday we went for Mexican at Bandidos by Brockwell Park. They didn't have refritos on the menu. Weee reseeeested keeeling theeem.

Tonight we will be having huevos rancheros. With a ton of refritos.


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How was Banditos ringo? I can't say I've ever been tempted tbh.

Tonight it's the bolognese I made yesterday in a remarkably planned move (for us). It's got more of a tomato-light, milk and beef stock heavy, feel than usual - even put more of a soffrito in to start than usual. Looking forward to it.

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well i'm trying to make a caramelised garlic tart. i think this one may fail as the pastry doesn't look great, but we'll see. if it doesn't work, i'll try again later in the week


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How was Banditos ringo? I can't say I've ever been tempted tbh.
Very mediocre. I've been meaning to go just because it's near and I pass it all the time, but i won't hurry back.
The cream cheese stuffed jalapenos were obviously bought from a catering wholesalers, so standard for that level.

The didn't have refritos on the menu, at which point I nearly left.

The vegetarian enchiladas were very bland, served with a pile of lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and some orange rice. Nothing special about any of that, I could have knocked it up in 10 minutes and it would have had a lot more flavour and heat.

Maz had the chicken burrito. When she asked what the difference between the burrito and the enchilada was, the waiter said enchilada was just a vegetarian version of a burrito. Not a good sign. Hers was OK, about standard for a high street London Mexican as opposed to a proper London Mexican.