Whatcha doing on Saturday then?

Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by King Biscuit Time, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. King Biscuit Time

    King Biscuit Time Well-Known Member

    Got tickets for the game?
    Heading into town to soak up some 'atmosphere'?
    Staying low-key in yer local?
    Watching it at home on telly?

    What about later - braving it in town, staying home of sneaking off somewhere off the beaten track?

    I haven't decided yet - has anyone else?
  2. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    I've got a ticket. Fuck knows where I'll be drinking though, just see how it goes I guess.......
  3. waterloowelshy

    waterloowelshy Well-Known Member

    Dissapearing away from the city centre - its going to be a nightmare!
  4. RubberBuccaneer

    RubberBuccaneer Hedd Wyn

    A Mike Rayer, Cayo midday.
    Not sure afterwards , but will probably duck out until town quietens down, maybe the Park Vaults.
  5. Biffo

    Biffo Well-Known Member

    I have a ticket. Will be starting drinking about midday in Jurys or Dewis (ex Springbok) - hoping for a calmer pre-match atmosphere away from the obvious potential 'blackspots'.

    After the match I will stay in town for more drinks and maybe go to Barfly to see my mate's band in the evening.

    Hope everyone has a fun and safe day. Don't go to the Borough!!
  6. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    Is it Mardi Gras already?


  7. spacemonkey

    spacemonkey I Love Noodles

    Drinking at my house to start, then probably stop off in the cayo on the way to town. Go to the match, then i'm not sure about after, depends on the atmosphere in town. Have a feeling its going to be a nightmare....

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