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What would you like Father Christmas to get you.

Discussion in 'Wintervaltide - Xmas and Year Review 2011' started by FabricLiveBaby!, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Dovydaitis

    Dovydaitis Official fishco fish groupie

    if I can't have the engagement ring then this chap will do very nicely

    Meet Sid!

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  2. crustychick

    crustychick doo-woop-de-doo

    engagement dog ftw! hi sid :)
  3. Dovydaitis

    Dovydaitis Official fishco fish groupie

    Wish he was mine :( is on the greyhound rescue site
  4. purenarcotic

    purenarcotic Conveniently Pocket Sized

    A massive kitchen.

    And lots of lovely gadgets to go in it.
  5. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    nothing. i am 38.
  6. Greebo

    Greebo 'scuse me, Mrs May, can I have my country back? R.I.P.

    Dream a little, just this once. What about a gap year with everything going right for you?
  7. toggle

    toggle wobbly

    some jeans that actually fit would be nice.

    and a new winter coat, cause i've lost so much weight mine is about 3 sizes too big
  8. beesonthewhatnow

    beesonthewhatnow going deaf for a living

    A set of JH Audio JH16 in ear monitors.
  9. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    this is what i want from santa though, not what i want for xmas.
    santa just gives out stocking fillers, so i'll have some miniatures, chocs and small electronic equipment please :)
  10. lau1981

    lau1981 Loves my Honey

    The distance between York and Gravesend to be like a zillion times closer. For my course to be finished and I'd of course passed easily.

    To be with my man on Xmas day.:(
  11. moochedit

    moochedit Mr Mooched It

    sunsung galaxy tablet or smartphone.. no sod it ... sunsung galaxy tablet AND smartphone.... and a flat screen HD-TV... and a blue ray recorder.

    In reality.. it'll be a couple of pairs of socks :(
  12. dessiato

    dessiato Philippians 4:8

    I just want to go home, to see my family, and sit in front of a warm log fire watching the snow, listening to carols.
  13. Captain Hurrah

    Captain Hurrah STALINIST Banned

    A few new books.
  14. Ceej

    Ceej Where is my mind?

    High quality problem, that!

    Someone to redecorate my place after the flat upstairs flooded me out....
  15. miniGMgoit

    miniGMgoit OverWeightUnderAchiever

    Some good drugs
  16. spanglechick

    spanglechick High Empress of Dressing Up

    money no object, you say...?

    a house. in fact, let's say a three bedroom house. in a nice bit, like herne hill or crystal palace.

    a pashley-alike lighterweight bike

    a laptop that works properly

    a voucher for IVF

    a new job that doesn't involve the cretinous whims of twatface gove.

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