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What to do with a fair few peppers?


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Oh brought them home yesterday as they aren't quite good enough for sale, but still look pretty good. Not something I'm used to having an abundance off.

Like the ones on the left. I'd say I've got 15 to 20 of them...

Yeah like rutita says, roasted with oil and salt is the shit, I like mixing them up so there are a few hot ones in there, goes well with drinking


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Roasted as above ... eat straight as vegetable

if you have any left, add them to soups or casseroles


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Roast or grill (or blowtorch) them to remove skin then slice up with some red peppers that you've done the same with, plus some cooked french green beans and sliced red onion. Then dress with some garlic vinaigrette. Makes a banging salad.

Or stuff them with anything you fancy... Goats cheese, pine nuts, basil, tomatoes, bit of rice...
I've made roasted red pepper hummus before, make hummus the normal way and grill some red peppers then peel off skin and mush everything up together in the food processor, only takes about half an hour and can knock up some baked falafel with some cans of chickpeas at same time and then it's a cheap load of food that will last days


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I'd stuff with gouda, drizzle with olive oil, and roast. Or you could batter and deep fry them (with or without gouda inside!)