What stupid shit has Trump done today?

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by Yossarian, May 1, 2017.

  1. Nylock

    Nylock I hate 'these days'...

    Potentially another four years of this full-spectrum idiocy and I dread to think of where the world will be...
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    a_chap Much research has shown I am just fucking stupid

  3. CRI

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    Flipping the Senate is just as important, if not more important than getting Trump out of the White House. Trump's treachery is obvious and open, whether it's banning Muslims from entering the US or trans people serving in the military, separating asylum seeking parents from their children or creaming off the tax payer to enrich himself. But none of that would happen without not just the compliance of but the active support of GOP politicians.

    The Kentucky shitstain McConnell and the GOP leadership have been full partners with the Trump administration in dismantling national infrastructure (see post #12713), including involvement of agents acting on behalf of interests outside the US (including connected to the governments of other nations.) The GOP leadership in the US Congress and statehouses have been playing the long game, working bit by bit toward their goal of a perpetual one-party fundamentalist Christian theocracy. Like the article I referenced in the post says, their tactics have been boring, procedural, easy to write off as just being a cumbersome or unfair, not bold and brash like Trump. But the relationship is symbiotic, and they're all parasites feeding off the American people. They're getting closer to their goal every day and the only chance is to get them ALL out, by investigations, impeachment, voting their asses out, must use every tactic possible.
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  4. CRI

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    White House Unveils Online Tool to Report Social Media ‘Political Bias’

  5. hash tag

    hash tag never too old

  6. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    The Trump administration made a web survey. We have questions

  7. teqniq

    teqniq DisMembered

    I see the convicted fraudster scumbag that is Contad Black wrote o glowing biography of Trump and Trump subsequently gave him a pardon. Nothing to see here move along.
  8. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

    The Trump administration has forked over more than $62 million — taxpayer cash that was supposed to be earmarked for struggling American farmers — to a massive meatpacking company owned by a couple of corrupt Brazilian brothers.

    The Department of Agriculture cut a contract in January to purchase $22.3 million worth of pork from plants operated by JBS USA, a Colorado-based subsidiary of Brazil’s JBS SA, which ranks as the largest meatpacker in the world.

    The bailout raised eyebrows from industry insiders at the time, as it was sourced from a $12 billion program meant for American farmers harmed by President Trump’s escalating trade war with China and other countries.

    But previously undisclosed purchase reports obtained by the Daily News this week reveal the administration has since issued at least two more bailouts to JBS, even as Trump’s own Justice Department began investigating the meatpacker, whose owners are Joesley and Wesley Batista — two wealthy brothers who have confessed to bribing hundreds of top officials in Brazil.

    Both brothers have spent time in jail over the sweeping corruption scandal.


    "I am your voice!"
  9. CRI

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    She refused to say whether she thought the Supreme Court decision that outlawed racial segregation in schools was the right decision. She believes abortion causes cancer and that doctors should tell all women patients this - also contraception causes domestic violence because if you're using it, you're more likely to commit adultery.

    And, she now has a lifetime appointment as a Federal Judge. Lovely. :(

    Senate confirms Wendy Vitter, abortion foe, to be federal judge in New Orleans
    Trump Judge Who Endorsed Theory Abortion Causes Cancer Confirmed By Senate
  10. CRI

    CRI Registered Chooser

  11. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    Trump Immigration Plan May Throw 4 Million People Off Immigrant Waiting Lists

    {quote]It may be best to ignore the politics and rhetoric around the Trump administration’s new immigration plan and focus on its most relevant part: Under the proposal, more than 4 million people waiting in family and employment-based green card backlogs would have their immigration applications eliminated, even if they have been waiting in line for years to immigrate.

    “Immigrants in the green card backlog would lose their place in line and would need to apply under the new point-based system,” according to an analysis from Berry Appleman & Leiden. “The White House has said people who are currently waiting for green cards will receive additional points, but no specifics have been released.” This was confirmed by Donald Trump’s May 16, 2019, speech, in which he stated that all current family and employment-based preference categories would be eliminated and replaced by new “Build America” visas awarded by points.

    There will be no per-country limits under the new plan, which requires approval by Congress, and immigrants waiting for green cards would have to apply for permanent residence under the point system. While some with long prospective wait times for employment-based green cards could gain permanent residence more quickly, there is no way to know for certain whether any particular individual whose pending application is eliminated would secure a green card under the point system envisioned in the Trump administration’s proposal.[/quote]
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    Don Troooomp Condescension and embedded self importance

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  13. Tankus

    Tankus living someone else's dream.

    we are well past tricky dicky here

    play the tapes
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  14. Don Troooomp

    Don Troooomp Condescension and embedded self importance

    First - Thanks for posting that most enlightening clip -Yes, get those recording out there.

    What were the highlights?



    Just a bit of negotiating with foreign governments while not authorised to do so - oh, and some treason.
    Then we have all the stuff about obstruction.
  15. Don Troooomp

    Don Troooomp Condescension and embedded self importance

    Oh, you forgot to post the second section, the bit where the same judge ordered the Mueller report released - with no black lines, at least any bits that relate to the case in hand.

  16. Don Troooomp

    Don Troooomp Condescension and embedded self importance

    Oops - Sort of.
    It isn't a surprise, but it does but the white house, Trump, and Mnuchin on a legal collision course with the law. As is usual, you'll notice Trump hasn't directly ordered it, just used a fall guy to do the dirty work.

    Mnuchin defies House Democrats' subpoenas for Trump's tax returns - CNNPolitics

  17. CRI

    CRI Registered Chooser

    Trump Shows Signs He Will Pardon Servicemen Accused or Convicted of War Crimes

    Well, he famously said about Vietnam POW John McCain that he liked "people who weren't captured," so no surprises he doesn't think war criminals should be punished. Wouldn't be surprised to see him give some of them medals.

    Oh, and forgot he advocated "taking out" families of ISIS fighters proactively back in December 2015, so it's not like his adoration of war crimes should be much of a surprise.

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  18. Tankus

    Tankus living someone else's dream.

    damn ....so ...racial segregation is coming back at some point ?

    or maybe he should have followed up ....do you know what the case was?
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