What stupid shit has Trump done today?

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by Yossarian, May 1, 2017.

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    BA-DOOM TISH!!! :D:D:D
    Probably the coolest gag on these pages this year
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    Back to Trump....
    If the bastard wants to hide his tax returns, there's very likely something in there he has to hide (Probably loads of things)

    NPR Choice page
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    Yep, I'm inclined to agree, something like the Brett Kavanaugh hearings could definitely have done with a separate thread. But it seems like there's been a long and ongoing trend across the boards for mega-threads instead of multiple separate ones - Brexit is now also a single-thread issue.
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    It wasn't a reference to me half-wit. It was the hang and castrate narrative I objected to.

    Are you and your fellow pseudo liberals so stupid you can't see how support for summary justice can play out in the medium to long term?

    But as is often the case with ideological blow hards like you, when the pressure is really on, collaboration becomes the surprisingly easy option.
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    Trump administration plans crackdown on protests outside White House

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    Not surprised, but shit this is crass.

    Trump cites Saudi Arabia’s arms deal with U.S. to downplay apparent murder of journalist

  7. CRI

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    AP: Migrant children may be adopted after parents are deported

    Someone's making money out of baby trafficking here.
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  9. Don Troooomp

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    Why do I think Joe is going for the top job in 2020?

    He’s ‘Trashing American Values’: Biden Doesn’t Hold Back on Trump

    The dems need someone with personality to get Trump out - will this guy be able to hammer the bastard?

    He's spot on with his point, Trump has turned presidential values to shit
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  11. CRI

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    Good thing there's no support for summary justice here then.
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  14. So, when it comes down to it, you just don't believe Blasey Ford. Do you believe any of Kavanaugh's accusers? Or going back a bit - Moore's? Or even the, what, 20 accusers (that we know of) who spoke up against Trump?

    Is it a liberal conspiracy?
  15. Joe Reilly

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    Blasey Ford was deemed a credible witness because she was an educated middle class professor and white. But anyone can appear credible if they are presenting a sequence of events of which they are the sole author.

    In many a criminal case it is very often the area surrounding the centre piece of the narrative where the story can begin to unravel.

    I think the Democrat strategists knew this, so decided narrow her evidence to what she alone alleged happened in the bedroom.

    In the 'Me Too' era the word of a 'survivor' against her two attackers. Slam dunk.

    So the Democrats bet the farm on her 'credibility'.

    However as I watched her testimony two things struck me. One, if the attack was the cause of decades of trauma then you would simply have to remember when it happened with greater precision than simply '1982'. Because everything afterwards ought to be - before and after the assault - when the world supposedly changed for her forever.

    Some other small aspects of her testimony bothered me too. For example her hesitancy over whether or not the polygraph session was filmed. As it was conducted in a hotel room, how could she not know? Or the fact that she couldn't recall whether the day coincided with. I think, a death in the family. She also said she cried throughout. All very odd.

    In hindsight it appears she was uncomfortable with any question outside of the agreed on narrative. So she hesitated because she feared a trap was being set. But why would she fear a trap if she was telling the unvarnished truth?

    As it turns out she had good reason to be concerned. It is no secret now, that since then many reputable researchers (USA Today for example) have discovered her entire story, from start to finish, is liberally pitted with screaming inconsistencies and a constant swapping of central facts and dates. Too numerous to mention in fact.

    My argument all along was that it shouldn't be based on 'credibility' but on supporting evidence or witnesses. There was none. So at the very best (or worst) unproven.

    But now that the testimony has been examined forensically it seems fairly clear that Blasey Ford lied. And lied repeatedly. To everyone.

    So the lynching metaphor is apt.

    In the end, if she will be remembered at all, it will be as a latter day Carolyn Bryant to the appointee's Emmett Till.
  16. Don Troooomp

    Don Troooomp Condescension and embedded self importance

    I don't support or call for such against Trump, but I wouldn't cry if it happened.
  17. Anyone here watch the Ring Of Fire channel on YT? Nice little bite-sized chunks of US politics news with sources quoted.
  18. twentythreedom

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  19. There's no one way for a victim of rape or sexual assault to behave or for the trauma to impact/manifest. The actual violation may be the thing that stands out the most and the incidents leading up to it and after it can fade into the periphery.

    No wonder women don't come forward often enough. Not only do they have to relive (often long buried) trauma but they undergo an inquisition, are disbelieved and mocked. Oh and of course, death threats.

    How could she not know that the polygraph was being filmed? Confusion, with the whole media circus going on. Having to bare her past and what happened to an all male "jury" of sorts. Not to mention millions of viewers. Going ahead with it all, knowing that she would be utterly villified.

    Reminds me of a court case many years ago, friend of mine was up before the judge. She'd been the victim of a glassing in a club but ended up being questioned in a very hostile manner by the glasser's lawyer. We watched as our friend was demolished by the lawyer. Despite her being innocent and being a victim, she was made out to be guilty like the aggressor and was bound over to the peace or something equally shit that meant she had a record.

    I'd been at the club and was there when the incident occurred. My friend did not do anything wrong. And yet, despite her evidence (and mine) it all went to shit.

    What I'm saying (in a convoluted way, apologies) is that people get confused in trying to impart what happened and it can be frustrating and make you look bad.

    At the end of the day - you believe she lied. I believe Kavanaugh lied. It's not a liberal or a Democrat thing. It's a privileged entitled frat boy and his pal who humiliated a young woman and now she's been humiliated all over again. It's a disgrace and an indictment on a wider culture of male behaviour towards women.

    By people like Roy Moore and Trump. And of course various liberals and Democrats - its beyond partisan - as rape, abuse, sexual assault and the denigration of women knows no boundaries.
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  20. Yossarian

    Yossarian free shrugs

    Not sure if somebody who likens Brett Kavanaugh to Emmett Till is worth engaging with on the issue, tbh.
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  21. Mm. Am a bit confused. Perhaps the comparison is supposed to tell us that all women accusers are potential liars and must be treated as such...
  22. spring-peeper

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    Can we drop the Kavanaugh thing now? It's over and done with.

    There are other things that Trump is doing.
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  23. CRI

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    FFS, has someone here said that? That is so fucked up, I wouldn't know where to begin. Not worth engaging, and a waste of oxygen. :mad:

    Have seen MAGA types trying a similar argument about the white woman who called the cops on a 9 year old black boy for sexual harassment after his backpack touched her stinky ass when he walked past her.

    White woman called police on black child she falsely accused of groping her

    Some bollocks about how if people believe Dr Ford, they should believe this ghastly woman, because #MeToo or something. There was CCTV footage from the store showing the child didn't touch the woman's tush though. Not aware of any CCTV footage showing Dr Ford lied, so sure . . .
  24. Wilf

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    So, to get right to it, you think she's lying. What is her motivation for doing so? Are there plausible reasons for why she would make this up?
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  25. CRI

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    Donald Trump doesn’t know who to call to fire John Kelly, according to new report

    Just an observation, but there are a lot of people out there, both men and women, politically left, right and centre, who believe women are prone to lying about sexual assault.

    They never have evidence to back their beliefs, of their other pronouncements. You know, rape accusations ruin a man's life, if both were drinking it doesn't count, and 100's of varianions on 'she was asking for it.'

    Blame the woman. Absolve the man. Always. Patriarchy is a Hella drug.
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    I have no idea. But you chose to believe her before all (or any facts) were available. And you still believe after her entire story has been effectively debunked. (Look it up for yourself.)

    So the real question, is no longer her motivation but - yours.
  27. Joe Reilly

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    Believe the woman. Blame the man. Always.
  28. Do you think that privileged males in US govt and the judicial system are unfairly treated by women?
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    Pops Joe Reilly onto Ignore.

    If there's one thing I hate more than a waste-of-my-time troll it's a dull and tediously boring waste-of-my-time troll.
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  30. agricola

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    ... by society as a whole, rather than women in particular. They are the forgotten victims.

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