What stupid shit has Trump done today?

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by Yossarian, May 1, 2017.

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    Trump the 'unglued' has to be got rid of.

    Reality just doesn't seem to be his thing, especially when he writes his own scripts that show what a fucking idiot he is. Apart from seemingly calling for a Duterte style killing spree, his trade war seems to have been ill thought out and done when he was feeling angry for no especially good reason.
    The wall street journal seems to hold the opinion he's a daft twat but they're more subtle (not by much), and many in the republican party are less quietly than before displaying their frustration at his crazy antics.
    Really oddly, this president, born to an immigrant family and married to an immigrant, want to stop immigration (Wonder if he uses an immigrant created iphone), the act of a total moron.
    His foreign policy, notably the middle east situation, is being run by a guy with very dodgy business deals and was heavily bribed by Israel so can't get security clearance - must be the first man to hold such a major post who is known to be that bent.

    Then we come to something else, there's weak but credible evidence Trump might be leaking information about his dodgy intentions to his mates.

    Ex-Trump adviser sold $31m in shares days before president announced steel tariffs

    This bastard sold all his steel dependent stocks just in time - you have to wonder if he was tipped off and what else is going on we aren't seeing. The stretch, and it is because there's no direct evidence at this point, is Trump is doing shit to help his mates.
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  4. Don Troooomp

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  5. Don Troooomp

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    Not even slightly.
    Just been taking a look at possible insider trading stuff involving Trump and the list of events is very, very long - He's probably the best insider trader you'd ever met, no one insider trades like him. :D
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  6. Don Troooomp

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    Another oops

    There are reports of Kushner being under investigation for possible business being done in exchange for favourable US foreign policy.

    Investigators looking at whether Kushner business talks affected US policy

    It looks like even Trump realises they could be in trouble so....

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  7. CRI

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    For those who don't mind Twitter, here's a thread that lays out the significance of Kushner trying to deal with Qatar. Click to see all.

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  8. TomUS

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    "Trade wars are good, and easy to win." :facepalm:
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  10. Don Troooomp

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    As stupid shit goes, Trump is being pretty fucking stupid on that one.
  11. hipipol

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    Oh dear, the Twitter Twat has taken a dislike to the EU claiming that "massive" tariffs imposed by Brussels are preventing people in Europe from buying "our cars" - how bizarre
    Trump escalates trade war rhetoric with threat to tax Europe-made cars
    1 Has he not noticed that most of the USA car cos no longer make much in the US
    2 Has he seen how impractical tank like pickup trucks are for European roads?
    If only I could resurrect our old family budgie it might be possible to arrange some sort of IQ contest....Bobby would walk it mind.....
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  13. hash tag

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    He is 71 already, so no.
  14. stavros

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    All the more reason to get him on the plane to Dignitas now.
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  15. hipipol

    hipipol Peckham Wry

    THE problem is surely, that seeing he was a self obsessed greed monger idiot, the American public voted for him
    And, despite all of his subsequent actions seem to support him
    Death merely provides some martyr figure for the gun addicted racists to admire/adore/worship - look at the "love" expressed for Gen Lee and his cohort of murders over recent months
    Death choking on cheeseburger mind........:p:p
    Still, Elvis sold more record after his bloated sad carcass collapsed off the throne, a fate The Twitter Twat seeks to emulate...
    Ratings, Ratings...... what a dog arse seepage the USA has become....
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  16. CRI

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    Well, ain't this just wonderful? :facepalm:

    Trump administration family planning strategy is under fire

  17. CRI

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  18. Don Troooomp

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    I'll go with that, proposing his life ends due to a heart attack at about half past five this afternoon.
  19. Don Troooomp

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    The GOP does NOT want to regulate vaginas, as we see by them supporting pretty much everything their vagina of a leader does.
  20. Don Troooomp

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    Now for some good news; Mr M is after all Trump's (and a bunch of his bastards') communications, the whole lot right up to this morning.
    Bet that'll make interesting reading.

    Mueller Subpoenas Communications With Trump and Inner Circle

    Question is, if the Trump bunch have been stupid enough to write anything down, will they try to keep it away from the investigation?
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    The Trump Organization may have broken the law after ordering golf course markers with the presidential seal
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  23. CRI

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    *insert predictable joke about lacking the necessary warmth or depth*
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  24. Tankus

    Tankus living someone else's dream.

    the mooch has been out mooched....

    Comedy gold .....where does trump find these people......

    Click on the interview clip

    "By the way ...i think my lawyers are going to dump me "
    he he

    Its worth sticking it out .......

    "what do you think muellers going to do to me "

    The newscaster just didn't know where to go such was the quality , first thing that pops into your head ,batshittery ....she shouldn't have cut it short ...but I think she was worried for him ....

    He needs to cut back on the sherbet ,,,methinks
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  25. Supine

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    That's not what the article says
  26. taffboy gwyrdd

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    jesus guys, those Nunberg interviews...
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  27. Don Troooomp

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    Better and better

    Former Trump aide says president 'may have done something illegal'
    He seems to be admitting Trump is bent.
  28. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    They are amazing. What do people reckon, I like the theory that he offered to collaborate and maybe they rejected him. What he says makes no sense (the idea that its a waste of his time to comply is just bonkers and his outrage sounds totally put on).
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  29. Don Troooomp

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    Just for fun..

  30. Supine

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    Brilliant :D
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