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What new foods have you tried recently?


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Either ingredients or meals will do. Did you like it?

I had monkfish for the first time the other day and it was fucking lush. I went to buy some just now and it was £20 for 900g :eek: I bought a crab instead.

I also tried some beef cheeks a few weeks back. Very tasty. I've bought some more. So cheap! I paid £5 for 1.2kg.

Errmmm...there was something else I tried recently as well but I've forgotten. Will post when I remember :facepalm:


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Ooh, I was going to start this thread the other day.
I tried tofu for the first time recently: it was shit but the sauce it was in was tasty.
I tried Witch (or Torbay) Sole, which was nice


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Courgettes, guacamole, some of the more exotic mushroom species, venison, brie and dragonfruit :) all of them delicious.


It wasn't totally new as I have tried it once before, ages ago, but Okra.
The first time I had it it was whole and slimly and ergh.
But the other night my dad made it finely chopped up in a lentil dish and it was lovely. He said the slime just comes out and thickens the sauce :)


Truffles; white and black... very nice, but not something I'd spend money on. Also caviar, although no idea what kind it was. Also lush. Again, not something I'd actually buy.

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Had my first burrito the other day, a pork one called El Gordito . Bloody gorgeous. Washed down with freshly made home made lemonade that was miles better than that carbonated usual shite . I was full to the brim for 7 quid 50 . And the ingredients were pretty much perfect . Definitely supporting that place with my custom from now on .


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I saw a Dandelion and Burdock drink today and though 'hmm I'll try that'

It's not very nice :(


I have a carburetor outside that I just have to
Have you really never tried dandelion and burdock before? :eek:

I'm not sure about this particular drink you tried, but in general it's well nice.
Well it's Morrisons-own Diet Dandelion and Burdock which might explain things.

Just tastes like cherry coke though, which is minging :D


Like monkfish but cheap? Nice one. I'll be on the look out for this! :cool:
On the fishy note I tried skate (wings) for the first time a few months ago (well, first time as an adult), really good - tastes a bit like crab.


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I had tofu in a Thai dish some months ago, but I have no idea which bits were tofu. I don't tend to remember to try new things. They are usually rank. Like pollock and guacamole, boak!!


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I just tried what was described as a goosberry in brine, it wasn't actually a goosberry but was really some kind of plum, in any case it were really quite sour and hot due to the chillis that were also in the jar. Now i am eating a packet of Andra Murukku which are fairly nice albeit a bit bland.