What coffee are you drinking just now?

Discussion in 'suburban75' started by Voley, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    Or what's your favourite, or whatever.

    After mrs quoad's recommendations, I've become a big fan of HasBean, and atm I'm drinking their fabulously named "Finca La Fany Washed Bourbon". I bought it on name alone reasoning that anything with bourbon and fanny in the title has to be worthwhile. This turns out to be a good way of deciding as it's fine, fine stuff.

    What you got on the go just now?
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  2. Geri

    Geri wasn't born to follow

    Tea :p
  3. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Just drained a cup of Asda instant.
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  4. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    I will utilise the coffee pot proper later but the rest of the house are still languishing in bed, having outdone Elsie Marley by a full hour.
  5. yardbird

    yardbird Understands love.

    Cappuccino. Expresso ground for me yesterday.
    Mrs quoad would say I should grind it myself.
  6. wtfftw

    wtfftw melting like a toastie

    Chemistry has just ground some machu picchu (cafe direct). According to the packet that's Arabica.
  7. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    Douwe Egberts instant - tis my favourite
  8. Ms T

    Ms T Honey-coloured ramparts

    Newcastle Civic Centre's finest, in a polystyrene cup. It's a bit rubbish tbf.
  9. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    Cafe Direct medium roast.
    I don't buy any particular brand, just look for special offers or a good price.
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  10. Sweet FA

    Sweet FA ✪ Three rounds Lord, in my .44 ✪

    Lavazza Rossa from my shiny pot :cool:

  11. Dandred

    Dandred Mmmmm Beer!

    Jamaican blue mountain
  12. fractionMan

    fractionMan Custom Title

    The one from the sushi shop in bath train station. My fave cup of takeaway coffee :cool:
  13. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Calorimeter man.

    I haven't been able to get to my coffee shop for months now for some of their lovely Guatemala beans, so it was ready-ground Fairtrade for a bit, latterly Lavazza beans - which were gutless ...
    I have to go to M&S later for some socks, so I'll see if they have anything inspiring ...

    I only make two lots of Aeropress coffee per weekend - 50 grammes of coffee and no freezer - so it needs to be beans to have any chance of not going downhill very quickly.

    My regular coffee supplier is several hundred feet up, and I've had cycling trips and latterly the lurgy,.. perhaps next week I will haul myself up there and get in visits to several other posh food shops up that part of town ...
  14. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    Sainsburys 'slightly more expensive' brand - the Costa Rican one I think. It's OK.
  15. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    My husband has surfaced and I've just made a pot of some Café Direct Kilimanjaro medium roast and ground Arabica. Very nice and smooth.
  16. Yu_Gi_Oh

    Yu_Gi_Oh 天天好心情

    I was enjoying some instant Maxwell House, but the shop has sold out so now I'm back on the Nescafe. I don't mind instant as long as you put the milk in first, 3-4 spoons worth of coffee too. :cool:
  17. quimcunx

    quimcunx protestant traybake

    Last time I got that it was about £18 a half pound from Fortnums, years back.

    Union organic natural spirit, apparently.
  18. mango5

    mango5 Endeavour era

    At this moment, Drury Moka Java made in a filter press. With added rum.
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  19. cockneyreject

    cockneyreject "what the fuck is goin' on?"

    Tea.....3 cups in the morning, when I'm looking like this: :facepalm: But when I do drink coffee it's a Flat White with half a sugar made by Khan in Palm2 at Clapton Pond, Hackney. Oh yeah, and at home it's Zapatista coffee from the Pogo Cafe on Clarence Road, Hackney.
  20. kalidarkone

    kalidarkone Bringing YOU round.....

    Cant remember as I emptied it all in to an empty illy canister. Something dark strength 6 fairtrade. However yesterday I went to two day coffee roaster -which is a shop that sells all things coffee related including coffee. They roast and grind the beans in the shop and they do takeaway coffee-freshly ground. Anyway point is, is that I'm going to buy some of their ground coffee when I am back up there again-will ask what they recommend....
  21. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    It's a lot more than that now. Very Tall Lodger asked my advice on getting some really special coffee for his Dad as a present and I suggested Blue Mountain from Fortnums. I think it was about £30 per half pound.
  22. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    (((Ms T)))
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  23. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Calorimeter man.

    Best shop in the area by miles. :)

    If you like something very well balanced and moreish, their Guatemala El Bosque has been my fix for several years now.

    Lucky you working so close to that shop !
  24. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    I was a bit disappointed when I tried Blue Mountain tbh. It's nice, but no better than a lot of other, much cheaper coffees.
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  25. kalidarkone

    kalidarkone Bringing YOU round.....

    Apart from the fact that I work 12 hour shifts so it is never open when I am going to work or leaving:(
  26. 8115

    8115 Turn left.

    Some fairly fancy stuff I got from a greengrocers yesterday, but put through a used filter (eugh) as I've run out of filters. It tasted ok.
  27. de_dog

    de_dog Mickey! Mickey from Leicester

    We buy Starbucks medium house blend for our btc machine. 2nd cup has just arrived on my desk as I type this.

    Americano w/cream.
  28. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad Well-Known Member

    Just as a curiosity, might be worth mentioning that "washed" refers to the way it's been processed. I.e. the fruit has been washed off the stone / seed / bean before it was left to dry.

    IMO, some of the most amazing coffees out there are "natural" - left to dry with the cherry still on. Natural coffees can have some incredibly odd, chaotic, fruity and winey flavours that go on for ages after you'be taken a slurp. There was an Indian balmadi a year or two back that someone described as "strawberries mixed with manure, but in a good way." And loads of them have really... yeah, tbh, boozy / sherry aftertones.

    They're definitely not a "clean" cup, and tend to benefit from not being kept too long, but I'll always buy a natural processed bean if there's one going. A very odd, and often amazing, little corner of the coffee market.

    E2a: I see sqm have a three-pack of natural, natural pulped, and fully washed Kilimanjaro ATM. I'd guess the natural pulped is somewhere between the other two. I'm sure I've bought it before. Can't remember the pulped natural making much of an impression. And the other two are, tbf, pretty expensive.
  29. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad Well-Known Member

    Really really worth looking at square mile or hasbean's websites, IMO! Square mile if you want guaranteed excellence, hasbean if youre up for a punt with a decent chance of paying off. Or Monmouth coffee in London!
  30. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Calorimeter man.

    Why is it that shops stock so few whole beans ?
    I had to settle for a blend in M&S - the other two being dark roasted ..but they smell nice enough - "Luxury Italian" blend - South American, Indonesian and African beans ... best before 08/13 so probably reasonably fresh ...

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