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What are you listening to right now? v2.0


I don't think this thread has been resurrected since the advent of YouTube embedding.

I'm listening to this:
Kai Tracid - Conscience (Energy Mix) from an old mix

What are you listening to, find it on YouTube or wherever and post it up with a video tag so everyone else can hear immediately. :)

Gym Beam

Born Again Non-theist
Listening to Pride and Fall - elements of silence - at the moment: don't have a youtube link cos we're blocked from accessing youtube at work.

stupid dogbot

Haughty and Superior
Well, half the stuff I post on the other thread isn't actually on CD.

I've always just used it as a generic "now playing..." thread.


The v2.0 was really to reflect the idea about posting youtube videos in the thread so other people could easily listen. Cheers dogbot for posting that, makes the thread looks less empty. :D

Orang Utan

knows how to use the three shells
i wish the cinema and video threads would be merged too. people just pointlessly list films they've been to on one thread. if it was merged with the other thread, maybe the discussion on it would inspire people to talk about the films they've seen more.