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What are you having for breakfast?


Tofu scramble (just tofu, salt, pepper, turmeric, scrambled in a pan) with a sliced tomato, the last of some banana ketchup I made the other day, and some tahini and lemon juice sauce. Tried putting some in a wrap with some old salad but the scramble was a bit liquid, it leaked too much to eat with hands without getting very messy.


Seagull + Chips = Happy Seagull
Dissapointing red pepper houmous on rosemary crackers. Bought it from Aldi and it doesn't really taste of anything. The Coop version I had last was nicer. And stupdly I bought two tubs of the stuff. :facepalm:

I asked for my bacon well done and it looked like it might have been grilled over a tea light. I hate pale bacon.
I'm the same with toasted stuff from cafes - has to be properly toasted, not just waved in the general direction of the toaster. It's a mystery why people can't seem to do toast properly - peely-wally toast is awful. :(


Sunday morning breakfast. Wolfie goes to the farmers' market early to buy veg plus one of these for me. Made by local bakers, it's a cardamom, chocolate and almond bun. Served in bed with a cup of coffee. He's having bacon and sausage but I have one of these buns every Sunday.