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What are you having for breakfast?


Bulla liberali in perpetuum.
I will be tucking into toast, marmalade and tea in about an hour and a half - after cycling 4 miles, getting the first jobs of the day done, and having a wash. :)


Just got a bacon roll at work - there was 3 massive bits of bacon stuck together and I crammed them all into a roll and got to the counter and told the server I had 1 piece of bacon in my roll - she never looks - one of these days she will and I'll look a right lying fool :)


author unknown
Nothing yet, am deliberating between some eggy bread or porridge.

I;ll go and put the coffee on while I think about it


King of the Vagabonds
Coffee, two chocolate chip brioche rolls and half a cheese, salad and hot sauce sandwich. Breakfast of champions.

May Kasahara

give me something to sing about
cup of tea and bowl of branflakes (with milk)

going to have some peanut butter on toast once i've assessed what mood the baby's in :)


geek chic
Forgot to pick up a bagel to eat at work before I left the house, so treated myself to a pain au choc and a latte. I feel a bit sick now though.


Macaroni cheese controller
Normally eat muesli at the mo, but this morning I got out the shower to find a perfectly cooked boiled egg and soldiers waiting for me.

May Kasahara

give me something to sing about
:D Sorry, that was well rude of me. I just still have nightmares about my brother's awful coffee+fag breath :oops: