Weston-super-Mare v DHFC 27.04.2019

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    It would be fantastic if we could keep 90% of the squad for next season but that’s a big ask. If Hunte, Green, Cook and Clunis all stay then we wouldn’t need to strengthen the wings. They have all proved valuable this season. I don’t think Wanadio is good enough.

    A striker is needed. Akinyemi was dropped on numerous occasions throughout the season in favour of others but he finished top scorer and the silly misses towards the end of the season may have been due to a lack in confidence. Thompson looks good, especially with link up play but doesn’t score enough. Is a 20 goal a season striker asking for to much if we prioritise (providing we have the budget).

    Full backs will be needed. Mascoll’s tweet suggests he will be going. Sanchez Ming is on loan at Welling and could return to Champion Hill next season. Cook and Green can play their but they have more joy on the wings further up. A left and right back should be top priority.

    I want Chambers and Taylor to stay and build a partnership together at the back. They had their moments last season but also at times looked un-playable. Some aspects of their play, especially passing have helped turn attack in defence time and time again. Since Magnus returned we have looked much more solid at the back but he had big mistakes in him.

    I would try and retain all midfielders par Allen who just doesn’t look fit enough. Ferguson should start more games next season, he is much more consistent now than at the begging of the season and for such a tall fella has a wicked turn of pace. A similar player to Kargbo is needed although Onuvwigun might be able to make the jump up. Aryan brings the experience of playing at this level (knows how to fall over to win a free kick) and is very vocal in midfield.

    In all I think now that the squad have settled we are only 3/4 players away from looking like a real threat next season, but it’s a big IF retaining so much of the squad and Gavin May have other ideas.
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    That probably depends upon whether or not the player in question plays for us again!

    I think the key question is this: "Given the relative security of being back at Champion Hill with proper control over the club's finances, will we be able to set a significantly larger playing budget and offer more lucrative contracts than we did when recruiting players last summer?" If so there isn't much point spending more money on the players we've already got when eleven of the other teams we'll be competing against finished ahead of us this year, not including those coming down from the National Division. If we can get better players than what we already have then it would be a bit naïve not to go for it.

    The other factor is that most of the players we lost last summer were people the manager would probably like to have kept. We've often made a stuttering start to the season when there's been a high turnover of players, but if we trust the manager then what matters is that he's able to retain all the players he want to keep, even if some of us are disappointed to see others leave.

    Regarding the thing with agents advising players not to join us (and I'm sure anything like that gets talked about amongst players themselves even without agents being directly involved) I'd like to think Anthony Cook will be retained. He was one of the first to commit to joining us and was seen as a statement signing that signalled we meant business at this level. He always looked a committed team player to me despite not firing on all cylinders or being a regular starter during the first half of the season and I think he's got a lot to offer as a senior player with plenty of experience at this level. I'm not sure whether he was ever officially removed from the transfer list; and there's never been an official announcement that Ashley Carew or Sanchez Ming have left, beyond going out on loan - in fact I'm not sure the club even announced their departures on loan, it just got noticed from other sources, which seems a bit odd.

    Then there's the question of how high we should be aiming in terms of league position and promotion? We were told at the supporters' meeting in January that there is a massive gulf in terms of finance between our current level and what's needed to be competitive on the pitch in the National Division. The typical annual playing spend in the South Division is around £250k, which equates to around £6,000 a week over a 42 week season. I'm not sure how close to that figure we are, or which side of it, but in the National Division it's not just an extra 10-20%, it's £750k. Both last season's promoted clubs from this division (Havant and Braintree) have come straight back down again. Braintree fluked it up in the play offs from 6th place so that's no surprise but Havant were champions last year and appear to be a stable and commercially strong club. Furthermore Maidstone have also come back down after three seasons of relegation battles even though they have an ideal modern town centre ground and similar sized crowds to ours.

    Unfortunately the system is geared to encourage clubs to push for immediate success. Ideally I feel we'd be best spending a few seasons growing stronger in this division, as we did in the Isthmian Premier following out last promotion. (We could easily have reached this level three years earlier, when we lost at Margate in the play-offs after finishing 4th, but I'm not certain we'd have stayed there had we done so.) Now the play-offs include the 6th and 7th placed teams it's much easier for a club to suddenly find itself out of its depth at the higher level after a couple of spectacular results at the end of a moderately good season, and I don't think that's a good thing. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Wealdstone win their play-off semi final away to wobbling Woking on Monday, in which case one more win away to the victors of the Welling v Chelmsford semi would propel them into the National Division; but this is a team that accrued just 66 league points, barely more than 1.5 per match, and comments on their supporters' forum suggest they're going to have a lower playing budget next season following the departure of their main financial backer. It's become a real conundrum. You can't take it easy or not push for success in case you finish "too high" and go up "by accident" thanks to a few good wins at the end of the season, but if you're not good enough to finish in the top two of this division and/or average at least 2 points per match you're probably not going to be good enough to make a worthwhile challenge at National Division level.

    As far as I can tell the list of players who made a first team appearance this season who have not been confirmed as leaving is as follows:

    Dipo Akinyemi
    Charlie Allen
    Ashley Carew
    Michael Chambers
    Nyren Clunis
    Anthony cook
    Preston Edwards
    Jacob Erskine
    Nathan Ferguson
    Nathan Green
    Caio Guihmaraes
    Simon Jorgensen
    Sanchez Ming
    Magnus Okuonghae
    Michael Onovwigun
    Jay Rich Baghuelou
    Jamie Splatt
    Aryan Tajbakhsh
    Quade Taylor
    Dan Thompson
    Dominic Vose

    George Essuman (Torquay United)
    Connor Hunte (Billericay Town)
    Jamie Mascoll (Charlton Athletic)
    Luke Wanadio (Aldershot Town)
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